Probably missing some but just threw this together real quick.

Yang Wen-li

Nafo, they are the synthesis of the anime freaks (ignore my pfp) and reactionary flag pfps.


The flag club usually are idiot libs, but the Animes tend to be extremely reactionary/racist and outright Fascist, so they get my vote.

KiG V2

I’ll do you one better: picrew

99%+ guarantee they are a liberal NPC with…shall we say the most painfully bad priorities humanly imaginable. Terminally online snark machines.

I’m glad I don’t even know what piccrew is.

Wow. Just looked it up. I’ve definitely seen some wall-worthy takes from those types.

This a hundred times. Those things are a red flag for me

Voted Anime critically, I’ve seen some horrid stuff from Peaky Blinders pfps

Peaky Blinder pfp 🤢

NAFO doges overtaken even murican flags by far.

Wojacks have become the new Pepe and are a strong indicator that they will have deranged takes.

(Except Sovereign, Sovereign is based)


Infrared background has become a promising contender

Good opportunity to post this again 😂

Them and NAFO I would just instantly block.

What/who is infrared? What problems do we have with them? Never heard of

Virtually identical to the Lourouche movement. I’m confident most anyone in that movement will abandon it or become outright fascist.

A certain Patsuck

Never heard of them

Consider yourself lucky

Lol. What kinds of things do they believe?

Basically extreme reactionaries who know some Marxist jargon.

Haz (The guy who owns the infrared YouTube channel) and his dipshit followers call themselves “MAGA Communists”

yikes lmao


true, luckily infrared isn’t as relevant as it used to be since haz got banned from twitter.

Gotta say present day it’s definitely NAFO, no contest. But in aggregate I gotta say anime pfp.

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