the URSS were the proletarians whose consciousness we raise along the way

The more I hear about Algeria, especially about them joining BRICS, have made me add it to my list of ‘based countries I want to visit one day’

So far,unavailable

That’s why no one hears of us

Based, Algeria was always my favorite country in Africa along with Burkina-Faso, Uganda and Angola. 🇩🇿

Many websites still list USSR. As part of my job I have to look at passports and our portal still has it as an option.


if only the ussr still existed :(

Theory: it does (since about a month ago), and everything we’re told to the contrary is an elaborate front

The Kaffe

Did Kim Juche Necromancy the USSR back?

Is this a meme or are you talking about the Donbas republics?

Mostly a meme

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