We Soviet Wives
I finally got my hands and an the article "We Soviet Wives" written by Anna Louise Strong in 1934, talking more on the roles of women in Soviet marriages!let...

Her videos are really nice.

Might be a hot take but the therapist anecdote sounds so based to me.

In case you didn’t watch: (TW:self-kill)


a guy said felt like ending his own life because his wife left him with the kids and his therapist said he would not see the next five years plan and it actually worked. I wanna live in a society where people are that hype for the development of the world 😭

Reminds me of the guy who was in a love triangle with two women and forced to chose between them. He chose his one true love - the Communist Party.

I like her content. She is very knowledgeable and passionate.

Sometimes I just 😂 at the random downvotes. Some salty lib lurker most likely.

KiG V2

Will check out later, I love socialist anecdotal evidence a lot, it isn’t what first changed my mind but it’s what built my faith in it


The one that will always get me is the soviet time capsule.

Hail to the people who dont know war or disease… 😭😭😭😭

She is not an honest actor though. Likes to twist history into supporting her own beliefs which at the time revolves around Islam (she is a convert, wasn’t born into it).

There’s no difference between Muslims who are converted or born into it.

There is, you get a pass for being born into it. If you actually are delusional enough to convert into it, then I don’t think you were Materialist in the first place.

I wonder if there’s a word for someone who discounts everything a person says simply because they are Muslim. Hmmmmmmm

Ratette (she/her)

Lmao its on the tip of my tongue… isla, islama, islamapho… Angloid. It’s white boys, that what I couldn’t remember 🤣 (it’s not a white Anglo exclusive thing, that was a joke, but it’s a narrative pushed by these countries for no other reason than solidifying the Christian/capitalist status quo and that’s not inaccurate. Most angloid politicians are Christian so their demonisation of Islam tracks hard not to mention all the benefits to creating a new scapegoat and demonising others does to satisfy imperial desires).

Islamaphobia is reactionary af regardless of where its coming from. Either you’re a bigot or you’re a clown who gorges themselves on western propaganda.

Am I a fan of organised religion? Lmao no its shit and one of the judeo religions ruined my life but to tarnish all victimised groups with the Anglo narrative brush seems reductive at best and downright racist at worst.

It’s not that she is a Muslim, Muslim is really a tangent to her character being dishonest in portraying history.

Seanchaí (she/her)

If it’s not that she’s a Muslim then why is that something you decided to bring up three times as your main proof that she’s not trustworthy?

“delusional enough to convert into it” is pretty fucking clearly islamaphobia, and no amount of “materialism” makes that less true pal.

Because that is one huge red flag that should really raise your eyebrow.

Yeah, you’re absolutely right, islamaphobia is a giant red flag, as is someone calling other people delusional for their faiths.

It is not just “someone”, it is someone who also portrays herself as a Marxist: like a vegan going out for chicken wings. Do you not see the inconsistency?

Can you see the inconsistency in claiming you are anti-imperialist and desire a classless society (communism) but then you perpetuate the imperial racist class discrimination of faith practitioners (particularly Muslims)?

China? has Marxist religious practitioners. Cuba? Marxist religious practitioners. The USSR? Marxist religious practitioners.

Marx himself called religion a reflection of the conditions of society, and his criticism for it was when focus on the otherworldly led to ignoring the conditions of the worldly.

If you think that Marxism requires a complete discrimination against the spirituality and faith of others then you’re just a different flavour of oppressor.

Excuse me but I am not even from the imperial core. I think it is just a cope out that somehow being anti-imperialist means handing yourself over to any sort of wackery as long as it is not from the “imperial core”. And again, people do get a pass for having inherited from their culture and having been born into it. The lady we are discussing? NO, this is not part of her culture, she made the extra effort towards conversion which, again, deserves to be called out and is indeed a red flag that you are not dealing with someone whose main concern is Marxism.

Seanchaí (she/her)

Okay I’ll be sure to tell the Palestinian Society at our next rally that they’re delusional and not real Marxists, but that Shrimpy on the Internet says they get a pass because they were raised that way and presumably that means they’re too stupid to know better.

Get the fuck over yourself, Marxism is not when you alienate every fucking worker who has religion, whether they converted or not. And it’s pretty disgusting to act like converting to Islam is bad because Islam is bad, but somehow being raised in it you get a “pass” because I guess people raised Islam are just not expected to know better? Fuck off with that.

There’s nothing inherently incompatible with Marxism and religion, so long as the religion isn’t used to oppress others or as an escape from seeking worldly resolutions to worldly contradictions.

And yeah, being from outside the imperial core does not give you a pass on perpetuating imperialist bullshit like blanket statements about how Muslim people can’t be real Marxists or that someone is fucking delusional for believing in Allah. Fuck outta here with that oppressive bullshit, do some reading.


I see that Shrimpy was banned, but I’ll comment anyway. There are only two possible ways in which what they were saying could be construed as appropriate:

  1. They were holding (like Hoxha and the Albanian Party of Labor) to the strictest possible interpretation of materialism, that it necessarily entails atheism and opposition to religion. I’m a person of faith myself, but I can respect this position. Nevertheless, the comment should have been phrased so as to make it clear that it referred to all religions, not just Islam, and our comrade should have explained why holding to the Muslim faith might make the “young lady’s” take on women in the Soviet Union invalid (I don’t see how it does).

  2. They oppose Islam on religious/philosophical grounds, the way a Buddhist (say) might believe a Christian or indeed a Muslim is misguided in their beliefs. This is legitimate, but it’s not a political topic. Post about it in a philosophical or religious forum, not on genzedong.

The Kaffe

Is there something about Islam that sets it apart from other faiths?

Is there something about religion that prevents materialist understandings of political-economy?

“Is there something about Islam that sets it apart from other faiths?” There is some nuance but still pretty much the same as the rest of the mainstream. That is why people get a pass when they are born into it.

You can believe anything in politics or economics, it is just really weird that you find yourself believing in non-material entities when you claim to be a Marxist.

The Kaffe

Does Marxism seek to explain the cosmos, or just human civilization?

Newton was Christian and Einstein was Jewish, did their faiths prevent them from studying the world scientifically? No.

This is just a tired argument I’ve been hearing since forever. X was Christian so X couldn’t have been a scientist/doctor/whatever accordingly, right? No. If you claim to have a Materialist understanding of reality then that is at odds with your beliefs. People can be born into these systems and also have some cultural baggage which, again, is why you get a pass when are born into it. CHOOSHING to belief is a voluntary decision that you are making and deserves to be called out.

The Kaffe

There’s no material evidence for or against a god, or any supernatural, that’s irrelevant however. Anyone who recognizes that human material life is solely between humans and the material, and that change needs to be brought about through human interaction with the material world, then they are a Materialist. You don’t know an individuals personal beliefs, it’s also none of your business. If they apply a material analysis that benefits the revolution, they are Materialist and they are Marxist. Their individual contradictions are up to them to resolve, we all have them, even us atheists.

You’ve picked one trait of an individuals character to discredit them. You are clearly the Idealist here.

Looks like that weirdo got banned.

I’m an atheist but I still try to be respectful of others religious beliefs these days. Acting like a reddit atheist isn’t going to win over anyone.

Very good answer.

Average PFLP Enjoyer

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religion isn’t genetic you weirdo

Love her so much, her content is so easy to digest and entertaining, i also highly recommend

LadyIzdihar is excellent! Genuinely passionate about soviet history. She adds a nice bit of red to any instagram feed at ladyizdihar as well. She also guested on the Deprogram podcast and that was one of my favourite episodes.

I didn’t know she was on an episode. Do you know when it was? If not, I can easily look it up.

Episode 21

Awesome, thanks!

young lady

Sounds silly lol

Swoopity swoop?

I dunno, sib

I got her recommended to me the other day

Shoutouts to the Cheburashka she’s got on her shelf.

Not based at all. Came as guest for an episode of the The Deprogram. Came off as a rebel who is into Communism because that is what is on the fringe now. Plus, delusional and a Muslim convert which is a real wtf coming from an actual materialist perspective.

There’s this phenomenon that I’ve noticed a lot in western online spaces, that whenever a Muslim woman is the subject of discussion, even if her faith has nothing to do with the actual topic being discussed, there are always those few that come out of the woodwork to bring her religion into it. And its always chauvinistic and bigoted.

I thought Lemmygrad was one space where this sort of thing doesn’t happen, what a goddamn letdown.

Bruh 🤫🤫

Delusional how? And what specifically about converting to Islam should negate her opinions?

It doesn’t negate her opinions but it is a big red flag for anyone who also claims to be “Materialist”.

Because by forming part of a religion you are expressing belief, idealism in your way of seeing the world. This is at odds with a Materialist understanding of the world.

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