I was researching Nicaragua and he noticed Daniel Ortega on my screen and said “when I lived in Nicaragua we weren’t allowed to talk about him” I said “he’s done good stuff for Nicaragua and he said “he’s corrupt and pays people to run against him and lose,” “he supports Russia pillaging Ukraine” “my American family member had more freedom than us, so we moved to the here,” then I annoyedly did a bunch of research to prove him wrong (and Wikipedia is a terrible source on it) then I didn’t have any time to tell him anything more. (Btw of course he’s white, white people only make up 17% of the Nicaraguan population) IDK if gusanos can be non-Cuban, but if they can then that he is.

Comrade and I met a Nicaraguan gusano at a BLM rally whose family apparently still hold political and financial power over swathes of Central America. He was an actual goddamn psychopath. He said he was there because he was interested in the “other side”, and the only thing he was interested in was accumulating as much power as possible. When my comrade asked him why he was going to school in the states he just replied “Power.” He said the contras were heroes and he wanted to be in the position to control death squads like his father did who “defended his property from rebels”. Just deranged as fuck.

TFW you meet a Latin American student at a US university who only knows 1 word in Spanish “from his nanny”.

And that word was “gusano”.


jesus christ

Sometimes it’s nice seeing fascists and capitalists being so honest and direct about the reason they do what they do: class interests. No beating around the bush with concern trolling, no religious/racial/cultural/ideological/“freedom and democracy” nonsense, no, just straight up power and money.

The Kaffe

Gusano works in any LA country


Works really for any global south country reactionaries flee from.

More like global south countries that have had decently successful socialist movement since most of them say something like “I fled a “dictator””

The Kaffe

Doesn’t have to even be socialist, or progressive, just that they appeal to the West by trashing their home countries and blame the poor living conditions on the people rather than the Imperialists who are exploiting them.

Not really, because then that would apply to many third world immigrants who are legitimately fleeing poverty, violence or lack of opportunities, but who are also apolitical due to lack of education, and who might have had legitimately bad capitalist comprador regimes back at home.

It’s not even worth it most of the time to try and debate expats. They obviously have some insight that an outsider will never have, but they will also use that fact to claim the high ground on any and all arguments. You Gotta be very careful, especially if you have an audience.

Someone called me a racist for saying someone was a Gusano(they were arguing in favor of the gangsters and landlords in Cuba 1950s) was I actually in the wrong for saying that(is it like a slur?) or were they just mad bc they are poorly coping with the Cuban Dictatorship of the Proletariat?

I don’t think it’s a slur, im pretty sure Badempanada has a vid on it, though

Lotta people on here have no problem using the term, because they consider it to be a political slur and not a racial one. However, if a white person is a traitor to the revolution, that term is not used. It’s only ever leveraged against a specific ethnic group (latinx people who are anti-revolutionary). Considering there is a specific racialised component to the slur, whether its origins are political or not, it is a racial slur.

White people especially should not be using a slur that has a racialised component; there is something incredibly distasteful about calling latinx people “worms.” It’s dehumanising and it brings to mind that, due to the fact the slur is only leveraged against latinx people (Cuban people especially), it is synonymous, in a way, with calling someone a “race traitor” for not being revolutionary.

Attacking someone’s class character is one thing; using a slur that has a very specific racialised origin (especially when you’re not of that origin yourself) has, whether intended or not, a racist subtext.

However, if a white person is a traitor to the revolution, that term is not used.

I do it all the time for white, asian etc., some other people too. We should call all gusanos gusanos.

Not necessarily, couldn’t you theoretically call say and anti-communist whose family is from East Germany or Ukraine a gusano? (Not that people usually would)

Seanchaí (she/her)

That’s the point I’m making. You theoretically could. But no one does. And because it is only used for a specific racialised group, it is therefor a racialised term.

There’s something to be said about a bunch of people (very few of them latinx themselves) arguing online for why they should be allowed to call some latinx people worms.

I will make sure to call white traitors as such in the future then

That’s why I feel a lil off about it, it sorta denotes a racial/ethnic element to it

we should use it more broady, a word for traitor.

But we already have a word for traitors: traitor.

Our goal is always and above everything else to foster class consciousness through education. When our rhetoric is not precise, when it is riddled with insults and slurs and dehumanising language, we threaten our own grounding in reaching the workers who would otherwise join us.

We must seek at all times to explain, in precise and honest language, why the people we oppose are in the wrong, and why we are the ones who offer reprieve and solidarity to the masses. Hostility and vitriol will not win hearts. There’s no need to seek out some label to paint our opposition as less-than. A thorough explaining of the cruelty and violence of the system they uphold is condemnation enough.

That is not to say that anger is wrong, or that pacifism in the face of violent repression is the answer. But to gain the trust of the people, to present ourselves as the human option, it is essential to remember how deeply communism relies on a principle of love for others. There is righteousness in fighting for love. There is contemptibility in fighting for hatred.

It’s definitely a slur, just like calling someone a snitch is a slur. It’s not a racial slur tho.

I disagree, Snitch is not a slur. That’s like saying the word liar is a slur. A snitch just tells secrets. Anyone on Earth can be a snitch. Slurs need to have an intended demographic for the insult. Racial slurs exist, sexuality slurs exist, and Gusano definitely has a sorta ethnic leaning towards it. It’s about people from Latin America, and I wouldn’t call an Irish or Indian reactionary a Gusano, I feel like it only means what it means when it’s racially/ethnically involved. So that makes me a lil uncomfortable to just say it like there’s no issue with it.

It is not a racial slur but it is a slur, as it is any word intended as an insult or to shame. It is not a racial slur because it has nothing to do with race but with the way the person acts, you obviously wouldn’t call an Irish a gusano because he doesn’t speak spanish, you would call him a worm. The word gusano literally just means a worm, as in the animal or as in having no respect bc of his actions just like it does in english. Also it’s weird that you capitalize the initial letter.

Gusano is a state of mind

Gusano is such a good term it is universal.

Should have asked what his family does for a living. The fact that a Nicaraguan even possesses the means to just up sticks to the US says a lot.

Lmao of course he’s white. The reasons he has to be pissed off are very very bad ones lmao.

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