This quote really stood out to me in the endnote of a chapter in Caliban and the Witch:

Capitalism — as Moulier Boutang stresses — has always been primarily concerned with preventing the flight of labor.

This made the think that the real purpose of imperial core anti-immigration stances is to keep colonized workers where they are: oppressed and producing cheap goods. It works for denying illegal immigrants rights as well. Illegal immigrants do a vital amount of work in the imperial core, but wouldn’t have to if they had better rights or citizenship.

This might not be groundbreaking, but it helps me understand the material basis behind some reactionary views and who profits from spreading them.

Yes! This is why I suggested Border and Rule, it is an exploration of that very idea you’re coming to.

Migration is not about movement, it is inherently about immobility, about creating a class of super-exploited workers in the Global South that have no ability to leave. It’s the direct successor to land bondage.

Border policing is an imperial war tactic.

“War veterans, in fact, comprise one-third of Border Patrol agents. This is not a coincidence; there is a homology to domestic and foreign conquest. The formation of the US–Mexico border and immigration as a race-making regime cannot be analyzed outside the reciprocal processes of empire building and genocidal violence.”

This is most keenly felt through leveraging IMF and World Bank debt traps to enforce the creation of EPZs in exploited nations. EPZs are Export Processing Zones, extranational areas that are exempt from the local labour laws (and local ecological protection laws), allowing capitalist hyperexploitation to flourish. On top of abysmal working conditions, EPZs are notorious for union-busting and anti-organisation tactics including literally murdering people or burning down entire factories of workers.

To top it all off, this is a form of racialised gender violence, as “Women make up 90 percent of the millions of exploited workers in these zones worldwide” and “for every new male worker arriving, there are three times as many new women workers, their unfree labor solidifying capitalism”.

non-diegetic screams

You’re honestly the best! You always share really great information. Border and Rule is next on my list!

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