I’m blaming Ukraine

Was Russia attacking targets that far east?

This is what is not adding up really, Russians attacked from the east, so why does Ukrainian missile went to the west. Right after the incident i thought it was accident just as media say now… but with how fast west admitted it and how Ukraine is pushing not only the russian missile version but purposeful russian attack version (!) i start to suspect it was actual false flag attempt by Ukraine.

They have nothing to lose at this point.

Yeah, I imagine they understand how desperate their situation is at this point. Their economy has basically collapsed. Their energy grid is likely to give out within weeks. They’re solely reliant on financial and military support from the west, which is declining by the day. Anybody with a couple of brain cells to bang together can see that this situation isn’t sustainable.

Militarily, Ukraine is simply unable to break through Russian lines. The only time they gain territory is when Russia chooses to pull back and cede it to them. Meanwhile, Russia is able to attack behind the lines using drones and missiles while Ukraine isn’t able to attack behind Russian lines. You can’t win a war when the other side can dismantle your infrastructure with impunity. And the west is not able to counter that in any way.

while Ukraine isn’t able to attack behind Russian lines

Technically they are attacking behind the lines - see missile bombardment of Donetsk and the near constant shelling of Belgorod region

Technically sure, but this isn’t doing much to disrupt the overall war effort on Russian side. Russia can literally hit targets anywhere within all of Ukraine right now, and that’s causing a huge amount of damage in terms of logistics.

Do you mean west? East is where the Russian border is

Yeah lol, running on such little sleep these days

Nice L, (Z)elensky

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