What I find funny is that they assume that everyone that posts on a communist sub, is a fully informed and knowledgeable Marxist. Not just someone who is starting out, and still has a mind filled with liberal ideas and pre conceptions. Just seems cheap from them to mock this.


just another awful take by a twitter anarchist who’s attempting to dunk on “tankies”.


I remember this post. It was a little cringe, if well-meaning

Spending more than half your salary on it is quite stupid, but I do try to buy Chinese tech products whenever I can instead of ones made in the US. Luckily, most of the tech products I buy are SBCs, most of which are made in China anyway, so it’s not too difficult for me to do so.

I think bragging about it on Reddit is a little silly, but the people making fun of it are straight up cringe. Personally, I bought an Honor laptop and installed Deepin OS just because those whiny Westerners on r/Linux said not to.

Silly take followed by tons of utterly awful anarchotakes in the comments.


Doing the “both sides” thing is one way to ensure your continued irrelevance amongst social and political forces

This almost feels fake it’s that infantile.

I dont think spending half your month’s wage is at all smart.

But the replies makes me want to do the same JUST to piss off the sinophobes.

(hang on, I remember something very similar to this from around a year ago)

well, folks, time to pack it up, someone among us™ has/had some misguided ideas, China will fall within three days

KiG V2

Somewhat silly, one shouldn’t buy something out of their budget to try and help China. But I think the general idea isn’t the worst, I understand just trying to do what little you can with your dollars to help in a conflict where $$$ = power.

Not 1/16th as cringe as the daisy chain of anarcho-Bidenists who would be clapping if it was a Pride Month McFunko gamer keyboard, just saying.

KiG V2

For further context I myself have considered going out of my way to buy Chinese products, or rather just not American-made/Israeli-made etc., but small inconsistent consumer boycotts are definitely not high on the list of what I consider effective.

I’ve done this but because I’d rather China stole my data than some Yankee shit head company.

What’s Xi gonna do with my tankie dms and ass pics? Fuck all.

What’s 5 eyes going to do with my dm’s? Literally everything they can as I live in one of these shit holes.

Just throw some Huawei into the corporate network and leave the rest up to Xi

Huawei phone actually means you’ve been chosen by Xi himself.

Had a certain friend in it security talk about China spying on me if I got a Huawei. My response was basically the same. China is not my oppressor. Their interests aren’t aligned with my oppressors. So, it’s not really bad to spied on by China if the alternative is the US.

That’s it, I know who I’m worried about and it’s my oppressors, not those who threaten them.

KiG V2

Yeah, I literally don’t care if China sold my data, it’s already being constantly sold by the bad guys. Might as well let the good guys make a couple cents, especially if it doesn’t affect my life any different. Shit, I’d strap a GoPro to my head if it was somehow of some service to China 🤷‍♂️ I probably wouldn’t brag about something like that on Reddit like OP did unless it was a joke or something, not an implied call to action.

Forgot they were also called 5 eyes 👁👁👁👁👁 scary…

5 eyes is the most insidious but cringiest name for a intelligence community I’ve ever heard.


Someone who needs to get a grip. Buying a phone ain’t gonna help shit

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