There is always a shortage of people who work long hours for little money.

There is different phenomenons happening regarding your question.

  • Because we have access and exposition to global or national news brings an generalization perception problem. Example, its unlikely people with high education won’t be looking for housekeeping jobs.
  • labor shortage does not necessary means there’s no enough people. It could be they don’t want to work there for varied reasons.

It seems to be mainly tech companies firing people right now. How this happened:

  1. Tech companies get lots of money (especially over the pandemic) and hire lots of people, with more attractive benefits than other companies can afford.
  2. Market conditions change, there is less money floating around to invest in tech companies.
  3. Tech companies are making less money and getting less investment.
  4. Tech companies need to cut expenses (the largest expense for these companies is usually staff.
  5. Other companies still need staff and are still hiring.

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