I was browsing the r/IsaacArthur subreddit, and found this word salad. They get wall.


three biggest of which are political, economic, and climate change

Gee Einstein, that’s such a smart thing to say. Here I was thinking that fashion or sports would be one of our biggest concerns.

Also, please explain what imperialism is and how countries like Iran or North Korea are imperialist.

China’s economy is full of ‘creative accounting’

laughs in western financial system

There is an old Chinese curse

It’s neither old or Chinese.

A resurgence in imperialism from mostly communist countries

Proceeds to name four countries, only two of which are communist

KiG V2

Communism is when not West

“We are seeing more imperialism from these (mostly barbarian) Germanic and Palmyran hordes! Not to mention against their own people. I think we can get through it and the 5th century will be much brighter”

Fun fact: Romans called everyone who didn’t speak Latin barbarians

IIRC they called literally every other country on Earth “Serica”

Berbers said fuck it and embraced the term

KiG V2

Thinking that something like inaction on climate change is due to a lack of “willpower” is such a common indicator of NPC-level insulated stupidity. Makes me want to bash my/their head in.

…There is just no version of history where crackerdom takes responsibility for their crimes and pays proper reparations for all their shit.

Instead it’s always how THEY’RE the victims in the here and now while their enemies behave like white people.

If they’re willing to paint their enemies as just the East acting like the west against the west; then all bets are off and none of it matters short of WHO has the will and capability to win. Might is right kinda shit.

Which… Fine. Im fine with this version of history too. I can also go for the East and Global South treating the west with their own medicine. That too is AT LEAST fair and square eye for an eye shit.

They better hope the rest of the world is nothing like them because it’s getting awfully close to finding out.

I think in July, Macron accused Russia of imperialism on a visit to benin, a “former” French colony. He called them one of the last imperialist countries. So yeah, you are correct, they won’t introspect and they won’t take responsibility. The rest of the world just has to flourish in complete disregard to the thoughts and feelings of libs.

Yeah… 100%.

KiG V2

It’s like an abusive individual, it’s easier to go deeper into the delusion and hatred than it is to own up and crumble underneath the guilt of allowing yourself to realize what you’ve done.

Not that guilt is ever what is required, just a behavior change would suffice…

Acting aggressively? Yeah china, Iran, and north Korea have been doing that. Not the west. I guess I didn’t live the past 20 years (at least) and need him as a source on wtf happened.

Imperialism and communist are polar opposites but whatever. On economics, isn’t government debt completely different to credit card debt? I see people here in Canada cry about provincial debt when they have no idea how it works.

Please don’t use -oid though, just crackers is fine.

Black vers

Black void

What’s that?

No use of oid, I have to use ers

Oooh got it now. Thanks!


I’ll not use -oid anymore, but I’m curious what your concern is. I can take a guess though.

The -oid suffix comes from eugenics, I don’t think it can be divorced from this because it was made specifically to denote race.

Got some more info on that? The suffix certainly far predates modern (mid to late 1800s) eugenics. Did the Greeks use it to describe some ancient eugenics movement I’m not aware of? It’s root eidos is a common word—not to mention, newton discussed oblate spheroids in the 17th century.

I won’t speak of the eugenics angle, though I think there is a reason to feel uncomfortable for that, as its usage in eugenics stems from a dismissing of the humanity of various ethnic groups and the establishment of several “humanoid” species.

From a linguistic perspective, using “oid” is actually a negation of the author’s intent in most use cases here on lemmygrad.

“Oid” is used to describe a semblance. An android is like a man (andro), but is not one. A factoid is presented as a fact, but is not true (as per the term coined by Norman Mailer). A spheroid, as you mentioned, is like a sphere, but is not actually spherical. An asteroid is star-like, but is not a star.

The most common use cases of “oid” on the site are “westoid” and “angloid.”

Linguistically, calling someone a “westoid” would mean like a westerner, but not from the west.

An “angloid” would be like an anglo, but not actually anglo.

And in this case, a “crackeroid” would be like a cracker, but not a cracker.

However, when people say “angloid,” “westoid,” and now “crackeroid,” they mean, in fact, an actual westerner, anglo, and cracker. So the “oid” suffix is an incorrect addition to the term.

Linguistically, calling someone a “westoid” would mean like a westerner, but not from the west.

So, a comprador or other (neo)colonial bootlicker.

Good point. I was just curious if this was another instance of modern science borrowing from the eugenics movement. I don’t want people to think I was trying to defend the use of -oid or something.

your pfp scares me


Is this a new rule? The term westoid gets thrown around a lot here.

It’s not a rule, just something I try to notice and notify people on.

Edit: technically it would be a rule under rule 1, no bigotry, but we don’t really enforce it in this case.

I used to really enjoy his videos but they’re just too hard to listen to now with his constant liberal remarks and military worship. It doesn’t help that his wife is a Christian fundamentalist anti-abortion activist. Unfortunately basically all space related content from western content creators is very liberal coloured, when it could just be about the topic at hand without silly remarks and tangents.


I can’t watch his videos anymore either, but a few sci-fi futurist youtubers aren’t as hardline neoliberal.

Isaac Arthur himself is also unfortunately a Trump supporter.

He’s such an insufferable moron but it all tracks

laughs in George Lucas

Smokes pipe in Asimov.

His entire worldview is a justification for colonialism with a veneer of techno optimism. His silly remarks come with the territory. He is the definition of a MIC STEMlord who never engages with anything outside of literal military training and scifi.

Russia is communist???

I wish it was

“We have as of late seen a resurgence of imperialism from authoritarian (mostly communist) countries like Russia”

Most self-aware western ideologue

Communist countries

like Russia

Fuck, if only.

I would say futurologists are not sending their best, but these ARE their best.

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