Microsoft is turning Windows 11's Start Menu into an advertisement delivery system - gHacks Tech News
Microsoft is testing several features currently that add advertisement or promotions to the Windows 11 Start Menu.

Microsoft is taking Microsoft’s spot as the most hated company in tech

yeah, i’m a windows-anarcho-accelerationist, why do you ask ☺️

I’m a windows-narco-uninstaller my self. I mean I’m a self starter. I mean that I uninstall windows as my primary skill, I don’t mean that I start my own engines. I mean I do start my own engines, but not by my self. You know? Like I press the button or turn the key! I don’t mean that I my self literally go under the hood and start cranking the engine. I do crank the engine a few times, but not like that! I mean, sure, it spins like that, sure. But what I mean is that the technology I use is not a wrench, but a button. No, I do have wrenches! I mean I don’t use the wrencnhes to start the car! That’s what I mean!


Love having to run Windows 11 at work when there’s not a single Windows-required program we use.

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