Someday I hope to be able to say that there are more successful anarchist revolutions than McDonalds in the world

What is this dudeโ€™s point?

KiG V2

Just part of the greater narrative showing that the idea of a genocide against Uighur Muslims by the PRC is ridiculous, especially when the sole accusers are not Muslims or Muslim countries but by countries which have killed tens of millions of Muslims in the past few decades and who continue to abuse them both abroad and domestically.

The point is that America, of all countries, accusing China, of all countries, of even mild mistreatment of Muslims, let alone a full blown genocide, cultural or conventional, is ridiculous to begin with.


That despite the โ€œchina is genociding uyghursโ€ propaganda from the west, that its safer to be a muslim in china than almost anywhere else outside the ME.

I see, I canโ€™t believe they just canโ€™t leave China alone. Like, improve your shiz first then criticize others.

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