Tinfoil Hat Twitter has reached levels of cringe so deep, even the ghost of Heinrich Himmler blushes at how deep in the antisemitism hole these Qrackheads are…

At this point Tencent or Bytedance wanting to buy Twitter after Musk bled it too dry to be useful gets convinced by his imvestors to jettison it would be a miracle of the first order.

Elon Musk is actively taking suspension requests from right wing provocateur and neofascist mouthpiece Andy Ngô, and has suspended @crimethinc.

Yes, I know that CrimethInc. is postleftist trash, but that’s beside the point: this is going to set a precedent for cracking down on dozens, if not hundreds of other antifascist accounts in the previsible future, while neofascists like the example that you shared are going to go untouched. Expect Twitter’s audience to undergo further homogenization soon.

The real red alarm would be if Musk goes after the twt fandoms and LGBT sex workers there. The moment New Twitter aims their guns at the OnlyFans gays, its time to get the fuck out, the transformation into Gab/LiveJournal 2.0 is complete.

Anti-vaxxers and transphobes are also running wild.

For a moment I thought it would be some fun spooky occult thing, but it’s just antisemitism. Sad!


Judeo-bolshevism / post-modern neo-marxism.

Elon Musk

@muad_dibber @mmhhkk NaNoWriMo? More like PoMoNoMo!

A good chunk of modern “spooky occult” things end (or start!) with anti-Semitism in my experience. Even non-spooky stuff.

VolkStormer88 thinks his nazi dog whistles are clever and the peak of subversion, so any powerful cabal running the world will naturally also put hints to their secret intentions in the most public places they can.

Oh, I have a better quote for y’all. When the human race learns that all science would be superfluous if the true nature of things were apparent from their surface appearance, a great veil will fall from the eyes of Man.

That seems like a tautology or something, is that intentional?

I used the same sentence structure to arrive at a completely different conclusion, so, no. That was based on a Lenin quote (or maybe Marx or Stalin I forgot)

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