I rally hope we could ignore "the no interference principle "for once

I hope he returns stronger than ever! 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

Man, I hope he comes back to power with an overwhelming majority in Parliament so he is able to clear out the corrupt elites (military and civilian) and IMF/ US puppets but that will still be tough.

Average PFLP Enjoyer

he knows the Pakistani masses are still overwhelmingly behind him, anything is possible

Oh yeah, it’s insane the numbers of people he brings out to protest yet receives no coverage in the west, especially relative to the protests when a few relatives of the shah come out to protest for regime change in Iran.

Protests are never covered in the West unless the elites agree with them, just look at the tens of thousands in Prague, Berlin, or Chisinau begging for peace with Russia that don’t get a single line of mention in the Western media

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