Feels like all of it. The calls to resign seem like blatant propaganda when we had covid lock down protests in the UK and Germany and they ended up being marches of Neonazis and transphobes and other fringe right wing nut jobs. When Chinese people do it (also the scale is completely unknown) they are justified against an authoritarian regime. The hypocrisy…

When the BBC report on the social media discourse as well, it feels like they are reporting on CIA backed misinformation campaigns. How much of the online discourse stirring up Xi sentiment is actually misinfo being reported to the west as a broad public sentiment. I reckon its a lot.

If you read this shit with a critical eye towards British and western economic and military interests it feels plain to see. But for the average idiot lib they read this and think, ‘wow omg China is so authoritarian, the poor people there have no freedom and they cry out for support’. But what do you expect…


How much bear shit lands in the woods lol

Good luck to our comrades in the MSS working hard easily to stop Western color revolution attempt #45234578923 lmao

Yes it is mostly manufactured. The protests in China are very small. There are much larger protests in the West such as strikes, and over climate change.

Now there are protests in the West being staged in “solidarity”.

None. Western media isn’t seen and doesn’t affect Chinese people or the atmosphere there.

It’s entirely for western audiences. The question is which ones. I think probably just the normal distraction from the situation in Europe and the protests there. So if you search up protest right now, will you get directed to stuff about protesting your leaders in Europe about their energy policy and protests on that subject? No. The media, the tech companies now helpfully redirect you to the poor suffering Chinese who have it much worse than you after all (so settle down and freeze quietly prole) under the horrible see see pee. Furthers interests of trying to pry Europe away from China and could be the groundwork for a set of sanctions against energy imports from them or something.

Recall always, though Russia is the open target of this whole situation, the US is draining Europe dry, bleeding it of its manufacturing and advanced tech capacity, they are weakening a rival bloc before it can join with China or truly go its own way and threaten their hegemony.

Now I don’t disagree it could be part of a larger campaign to try and delegitimize Xi in the same way they did with Maduro though it will likely remain a media campaign given China’s strength and size and the lack of puppets of any viability in China who they could point to as “legitimate”.

All of it. Why should Xi care about a protest of 10,000 people at most in a city with 20 million people in a country with 1.4 billion people that has a 95.5% approval rating according to Harvard? TLDR AT MOST 0.05% of Shanghai’s population is protesting, you can do the math yourself if you don’t believe me. EDIT: also in the George Floyd protests people were literally lighting police stations on fire. Did America collapse then? No. Will China collapse because a minuscule amount of Shanghai’s population are dumbasses? Also no.

regardless of the total population, 10,000 people is not a small number for a protest.

Not 10,000; 10,000 at the ABSOLUTE MOST. Notice you’ve never seen pictures of these protests from above in the Western media, it’s likely just a few thousand or maybe even just a few hundred

I’ve found it best to just follow these simple steps.

  1. Assume that the opposite of whatever the west is spewing about China, is true.
  2. Wait for China to win.

Come on, dude. Step 2 is completely superfluous.

Repost from similar thread: Is this market manipulation?

Energy markets seem to be the most affected by this as investors are taking this coverage very seriously. It’s not like a color revolution is going to grow from this. It’s not like US citizens need another reason to warmonger either. Anyways just a thought

Good idea actually. Create an illusion, make a couple billion from it on speculation. Classic capitalism


China controls its media space, and there is no chance that the west will be able to create some internal discord in China using western media. That of course doesn’t exclude the possibility that the west would try to do that, after all they’re still hoping for a regime change in Russia despite all evidence to the contrary. That said, I think that western audience is the primary target of all this.

This is not entirely true about the west creating discord. There is a large overseas Chinese community who study in western countries and can be susceptible to filtering liberal views back to China via things like WeChat. I’ve noticed that this is where some this is coming from.

Yeah, people living in the west become easily indoctrinated. The whole prosecution of Chinese people in US now is probably gonna help sober a lot of these people up now.

I guess they are doing it to manufacture consent for our government to spend billions on military contracts while they tell us they can’t afford to give us housing or food…

Probably not very much. It’s more to just invent reality for western audiences than to put pressure on Xi. Plays up to bigoted “authoritarian” tropes.


a lot.

shit their ‘reporters’ are literally out there helping instigate the protests in some cases

you got that !! we only have two kind of media “The sounding board of liberalism”or“useless Policy repeater ”.they are so stupid Chen Wei Hua have to fight alone


Sometimes (when I’m in a masochistic mood), I head on over to youtube and check out what Haz is saying. Last night, along with much nonsense, he had on a Chinese guest from Shanghai who said that the protests are all very small – the biggest ones maybe a thousand people (out of a city with a larger population than all of north Korea), most more like a dozen. I’m guessing that’s probably representative of the real nothing-burger these protests are.

1000 people protesting in Shanghai - “China is falling”

60000 in Prague - “Just few Putin agents”

Europe being extremely deep in its own issues, this provides for an excellent chance to deflect the attention to “OMGEE SISIPEE ON brink of collapse!!1” with their own manufactured colour revolution.

the first thing I thought when I saw this on the news was “they’re gonna use this to distract from all the ukraine fallout, aren’t they?”

its the result of the recent media blackout on Ukraine, I have a feeling something really big is about to happen there… something about a bridge

Which bridge?

The one that let’s Nazis cross from life to death 💀

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