I’m sure some of you have seen these types of posts. We can’t expect much from the idiots that write these articles. But there have been multiple posts on Twitter, of supposedly massive Chinese internment camps.

If we know something about the Chinese government is that they plan ahead. They know that if they open the economy, they’ll have a colossal number of infections. These buildings are very likely hospitals or quarantine zones where the infected will be sent to receive appropriate medical care.

Of course Westoids can’t imagine what it’s like to live in a country where the government actually thinks of the future and cares about the lives of it’s own people. So their conclusions are as shortsighted as their governments.

I think the Chinese government is going to do a full reopening of the country and try to be as ready as possible, since their economy can’t continue to operate like this. What do you guys think?

It might just be my opinion, but does it seem to anyone else that China looks like it’s trying to buy as much time as possible so that it can roll out a vaccine for Omicron, along with vaccines for any new variants that appear this winter? On top of that they might be waiting for the worst of winter to pass for the West so they can reopen around Spring when Covid infection rates are generally slower.

their economy can’t continue to operate like this.

What makes you think this?

At this point it would be nearly impossible for Westerners to predict what will happen. for many months/years the Fake News MSM has been predicting that the lockdowns will end.

The Fake News MSM has been full of hopium claiming that the lockdowns are doing so much damage to the economy of China but it seems much of the damage has landed on the West.

Many businesses in the West have been hopeful of migration from China to address their labor shortages. Airfares have also risen yugely, due to less flights by Chinese airlines. The West is not self sufficient and it seems they cannot actually decouple from China as various loudmouth politicians claim they would.

Many appear to believe long term lockdowns are impossible. this view has been influenced by the MSM but most of the time it can be done with minimal impact on every day life with most of the restrictions being on cross-border movement. Remember, a few decades ago, similar restrictions on movement were normal, though not done for health reasons.

I’m still confused as to how China has 5000 covid deaths and the US has over 1 million yet somehow this means China is committing genocide against (checks notes) the taliban

China is commiting genocide against the Taliban because CIA sponsored incursions in Western China were contained and destroyed, and that made the US very sad that their campaign of terror against civilians failed before it even began.

they certainly intend to eventually. lockdowns and other anti-covid measures are a means to an end, not something desirable in themselves. i do hope that china manages to vaccinate enough of its (sometimes anti-vax) elderly population so the death and infection rate doesn’t become unmanageable.

When they first started fighting covid, they put up hospitals within days to treat people. They were only meant to be temporary, but it showed they take the health of their citizenry very seriously. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they’re preparing extra infrastructure for a reopening.

I saw someone float the idea of a region-by-region, slow and methodical opening up, and I think that’s probably the best course of action. I have faith that the CPC will take the correct measures, whatever they end up being. Zero covid is impossible in a globalized world where most of the major players don’t give two shits about people getting sick.

Yeah, if we had a coordinated global response, I think this pandemic could’ve been over in less than a year.

In 2020 it was so frustrating watching experts talk about how if the world coordinated our lockdowns we could effectively end the virus within a couple months or so. Then when the US finally started shutting things down (well, my state at least) I watched some of my friends whine about how they wanted to go eat at a restaurant or go to the movies and how being asked to stay at home was the worst thing that’s ever happened to them.

Seeing how little some of my friends cared that people were dying made me so mad that I ended up just dropping a few of them and haven’t talked to them since. I hate it here

Yeah, people are very selfish in the West.

It sucks that most people live under governments that will fail them at every opportunity.

If the move described in the post is what ends up panning out, I think we should admire the CPC’s ability to rapidly adapt its policy and strategy through the will of the people. The reality of it sucks, but it seems like the CPC may be grappling with that reality in a pragmatic way most beneficial to the people.

i mean at this point it should be clear to anyone that the west isn’t going to do jack about covid and frankly it’s just too late now anyhow. the only options china has is to either commit to eternal zero-covid or try and handle opening up the best they can. i don’t find the first option very plausible so in my mind it’s just a matter of when and how.

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