I tried to get their attention but they just kept chewing grass.

Pic or it didn’t happen.


Excuse me… #rude!

Explain this 🤨

the explanation is simple: they were not, in fact, my cousins
OP is part of a disinformation campaign
can’t believe you assume all capybaras are closely related to me, smh my head

That being said, are YOUR cabybara cousins lefty as well?

unfortunately I have some liberal cousins

Sorry I reacted with the information available to me and the fact that you’re related to every other capybara featured on this site suggested otherwise 😤

I most certainly amn’t, you are hastily jumping to unjustified conclusions based on flimsy witness testimony

Am I?

AM I?!

Ooof you’ve really shut me down here 😳

Today I learned that “amn’t” is actually a valid contraction in Scotland and Ireland


Bury The Right

If I had to guess they were likely too entranced by the taste of chlorophyll to notice anything.

Capybara photosynthesis is wizardry

Omfg so cute 😍

Gunna have to change their name to ChlorophyllEater smh 🤦


that rule only exists in the rule sub. Or does it?

Nah you can summon the capybara to any sub.

He just likes to lurk on 196 😊

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