Arthur Besse

note that this is not related to the specific tweet being linked to; is currently sending this HTTP 451 in response to every URL:

(as other comments in this thread have pointed out, the particular tweet in OP’s link is still on twitter and still available via other nitter instances)

I recommend the extension Libredirect for desktop.

Also here’s another instance;

i found another instance that works:

you can use this to check when one goes down:

The tweet seems to have gone. Not sure what’s going on with

But you can use another nitter instance to access the user like

Edit: I was wrong, tweet is up. Nitter isn’t functioning well

Nitter is just a hacker portal to twitter that’s kind of obsolete now, I don’t think people will be using it anymore, it just kind of broke and nobody’s fixing it…

tf is a hacker portal

its like a way to see a website without being tracked so some people use it to view its where its banned or some use it to just get rid of popup ads

It’s not really a “hacker portal”. It’s an alternative frontend. In the software industry, a frontend is the part of a piece of software that the user interacts with, so Nitter is just a frontend that interfaces with Twitter’s backend (the part of a piece of software that the user doesn’t see). Of course, this is an oversimplification, but this has nothing to do with hacking or anything of the sort. It’s just an alternative UI for Twitter.

If I am not mistaken, isn’t that a good thing

yeah but it takes volunteer maintenance so if nobody fixes it just breaks, could just be taken down by a spambot


In what way is it obsolete? Nitter provides a lightweight front-end to social media content which is otherwise on a hostile user interface (ie javascript-laden, tracker-filled, slow, heavy). It makes twitter content more viewable for people on slower internet connections and it generates a clearly-signposted RSS feed for the twitter account you’re viewing, so you can subscribe using your RSS reader.

Nitter stands up there with Teddit for Reddit, Proxitok for TikTok, and Scribe for Medium as a great way to view popular websites without loading their hostile javascript and interface dark patterns.

Edit: added links to projects and corrected spelling of Scribe

deleted by creator

What makes it obsolete? I still use Nitter. Regular Twitter kicks you out if you load more tweets and they don’t recognise you.

they stopped doing that

Sure they didn’t just match up your fingerprint? It’s still kicking me out, checked for the sake of this comment.

I’ve never even had a twiitter account, they said 99% of people, I thought they meant somewhere in Iran or something

Who said 99% of people? In what context? I don’t see it in this thread. You don’t need to have signed up for them to fingerprint you. But of course if you’re signed in you can be identified without fingerprinting.

‍ ‍ ‍

it just says this

Nitter is currently unavailable due to illegal content

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