Europe is fucking freezing, America is having a constant amount of shooting. Hmm… im seeing something

I’m sure it is an unholy combination of orientalism, warmongering, and justifying western sacrifice of life. But it is also functionality manipulating markets, especially energy markets. It’s why gas prices in the US are going down.

The constant shootings are just tuesdays. That’s isnt anomalous.

Edit: …mass shootings are normalized. These arent things I would necessarily look to to construct a deeper understanding of political plots in the west. Shit’s been super normal since at minimum Sandy Hook. That’s shit is just weapon manufacturer advertising.

A bit too loud a name for these protests. Far as I know, it’s not even a theoretical threat to CPC.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the CPC announced that they were planning to end zero-COVID policy and reopen the economy before the protests even started.

Not sure how true it is, but I think I heard something like that. What are you getting at though?

Because if CPC was already planning to phase out zero COVID then that pretty simply destroys the Western narrative that they aren’t.


And what does that have to do with my original comment about these protests being a non-threat to CPC?

Oh I’m sorry, I don’t think I actually meant to respond directly to your comment in the first place.

It’s ok, I was just very confused=) Happens.

yes and no. they love the distraction, but they also very much want to destroy a functional socialist state so they can rape the corpse for profits since they can’t produce them at home anymore.


Hey whatever happened to Afghanistan? like are they okay or…?

Doubt it

that’s likely one of the intended effects, but it’s also part of a general campaign of demonizing China to prod people into accepting hostilities initiated by Amerika

I would seriously ignore all MSM narratives about China. Remember a few weeks ago when they said Xi had been overthrown?

My favorite was the video of a tank maneuvering and firing training rounds in a city, which MSM tried to say was part of a huge battle between the Chinese army and protesters at a major bank in Henan. But then it turned out that the tank was part of scheduled urban combat training, in a city 300 miles away from where MSM claimed the “battle” was occurring.

Seems like they’re salty that Taiwan isn’t going to embark on a crazy independence crusade. So this is their way of getting revenge.

Basically yes. It’s nothingburger fed to westerners to distract them from crisis and validate the antichina doomerist stances.

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