Institute for Rehabilitating Minor German War Criminals

What does this mean? Does this mean it’s rehabilitating Germans that (somehow) committed war crimes when they were still underage? Or rehabilitating Germans that committed “small-scale” War Crimes?

I know this article is a joke but still.

When I was a young boy, I had big dreams of not becoming an astronaut. Unfortunately, the government had other plans for me

China may be using the sea to hide their submarines

In a nutshell: Something something subtle sinophobia, something something capitalist nonsense, something something AWTHORYTAREEAN SEESEEPEE, something something Ai HaEt dA gUBmint, NoT Da PeEpUL.

Rasm653u (He/him)

You forgot “MuH fReEzE pEaCh”

wow…even being an edit, it looks like something that cnn could be able to publish

lol totally

KiG V2

Hey everybody, this is satire.

It’s good satire–and I think it says more about Western MSM than any of ya’all for thinking it isn’t–but this is satire.

The author is “some guy,” which is a dead giveaway for a major news network, but the “Rehabilitating Minor German War Criminals” is a slightly more subtle tongue-in-cheek rib at all the typical NGOs that spout this news and simultaneously do just that (rehabilitate Nazis).

" “There is no way they could be there by choice” " also makes fun of Westoid stupidty, but Western propagandists, while stupid lazy self-unaware smug liars, are not (normally) this stupid and lazy.

I do not seek to embarass anyone, I thought it was a real headline when I glanced at it too, again this just shows how low the bar has really been set in reality.

lol I ended up updating the title to mention it’s satire

Ok, I was going to say that it looks like an Onion article, but seems it actually is intended to be something in that direction.

“A recent study from the freedom loving closet fascist lovers confirms that uncivilised yellow gommies bad”


I had a thought along the lines of , how deep and twisted does one have to think to push this headline? This is not exactly healthy, this is way too twisted and evil megamind levels of thinking. Despite realising extremely well how US government has mastered propaganda in the past century, for some reason I feel really weird looking at this news. It is not because I believe China (or XYZ entity) did some evil shit, but such headlines are just plain weird and whacky and WTF.

I don’t know if you know but don’t worry comrade, the headline is fake (at least for now)

😳😳😳 I got fooled by a meme in so many years. Shameful. I think that is why my BS detector went WTF and whacky on this one, and I felt so weird.

To be fair we will see this headline soon

“Institute for Rehabilitating Minor German War Criminals”

Opinion invalid, thanks, have a nice day.

P.S. Seriousy, wtf?

This is a shitpost (a pretty good one imo). If you look, the author of the article is “some guy”.

Oh shit, you’re right. Why am I so unobservant of late…


In Dutch news I started to notice a pattern about the West’s enemies. They will always put the ‘forced’, ‘captured’, ‘tortured’, ‘sources say’ in quotation marks. Like, it’s comically bad if you start to pay attention. Imagine studying journalism for years only to end up doing that bullshit.


they’ll never say that headline when talking about a US ally

I know better than to ask, but do people actually internalize this? It takes a incredible bias, or well coordinated programing to get this deep.

Ive seen weird NYT articles like this and reading the full text is always surreal. There was one about corruption that basically tried to say that attempts at transparency and anti corruption were only unintentionally humiliating the party because a couple of people online said something like that. The mindset is so bizarre and I’m baffled that the people who write and read it think it’s hot shit.

In the USA at least we are literally raised to believe this. Parents, school, and then employers, the media and government. Even the most outlandish of things will be uncritically accepted by otherwise generally competent people in these circumstances. Everyone is susceptible to propaganda, even the propagandists.

Welcome to the West, where Chinese astronauts in space is a crime against humanity but we were TOTALLY justified in nuking Japan, apparently.

but do people actually internalize this

To American liberals, this kind of stuff is basically their religion

I believe it

Better to fanatically live in a fictional world than to face the reality that they’re not as superior as they think lol

Anecdotally, yes. Even me, who is now a tankie, but was always a contrarian used to believe the BS about DPRK as recently as a few years back. This is despite calling bullshit on the propaganda about my own people but then turning around and believing bullshit about others.

There are others who know it’s all lies but then perpetuate it for their class interests. I actually believe this group to be larger than we all think.

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