Leaders haven't issued "hardcore" edicts like Musk's, but Big Tech CEOs have warned workers all year that they need to work harder or risk their jobs.

Hardly new, I’ve worked in Software for a couple FAANG-Level ones and the yearly speech by the CEO to all employees was always “Last year was an especially tough one with many hard challenges, and you’ve all done an amazing job! […] This year we will have to work even harder!” Yeah, that might be motivational once, but I’ve heard it ten years in a row… One of the reasons I exited that particular rat-race for good.

It’s not even CEOs. It’s all management.

I never really understood why people brag about their jobs like this, “haha I make $400k a year and work like 3 hours a month I’m an (insert vague sounding tech job here) just learn2code bro”. ummm okay even if that’s true why would you tell anyone? how about I call your company and promise to do your job for $350k? I wonder what the next one will be? “just learn to process asteroid lithium bro”

I found the reasons to be pretty simple: they lie. They do not earn this much, they get crunched in the work and they brag to get their selfesteem a few points up since they are being treated like shit and they don’t like it.

This is literally one of the pillars of capitalism outlined by people like Karl Marx.

Could you describe or name this pillar? I Want to read more on that

Worker exploitation or wage slavery? It doesn’t have an official specific name but definitely falls under those.


Not if the company is a employee-owned cooperative. In any case, it is not so simple in the EC with its labor rights, where a dismissal must have well-founded reasons and cannot be carried out from one day to the next.


While this is true, one of the defining features of coops is that they also tend to ask their workers (themselves) to work more for less pay during economic down-turns (mainly due to the workers also being owners). This tends to make them more resilient and less short term profit oriented, but can sadly also result in drawn out death spirals of self-exploitation.

Any company can go to hell, it depends on many factors, but a cooperative is always a preferable model, since in this case the employees work in their own interest and not only in the interest of the company and its owner. It is they themselves who can determine the needs at eye level and not accept them as subjects.

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