Trust me bro Russia will lose any second now /s


omg, a RUSSIAN WAR CRIME (we caused much worse human suffering in Syria and Iraq, but those were dirty brown people, not muh wholesome white relatively civilized Europeans)

well, the technology already predicted your defeat ukraine…


just trying to make a “clever comment” not as clever as i thought

I mean I support Russia in this war but the amount of deaths that are going to be caused by this is very fucked up and should not be cheered for.

the amount of deaths that are going to be caused by this is very fucked up and should not be cheered for.

That is correct. Remember: this is a civil war within the decaying corpse of the USSR. Civil war orchestrated to the hooting and cheering of the western capital

Yes, but there is still a better side and a side who’s victory, though impossible, would spell doom for communism. State power is now harder to achieve but easier to maintain. If we do not win this round, we never will.

Remember: this is a civil war.

Precisely this.

How do they look at this shit and not negotiate with the Russians is my question. Shit’s insane.

Who is “they”? The Ukrainians are not the ones making decisions here.

They’re being prodded and poked by the USA and Britain. Comprador regimes don’t care about the population, only about their masters

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KiG V2

Senseless this amount of death, but sadly I’m sure even with uncalculable variables in the mix this won’t be far off from the eventual truth.

Most of it’s not death tho

KiG V2

Still, people being forced to leave their homes is sad too. And while many dying are Nazis, per the school propaganda since 2014, many just don’t know better, the whole situation is a hellish pointless tragedy curated by psychopathic Western elite


My sympathy for these people, while present, is somewhat tempered by knowing what their armies did to the Donbass for eight years, and how it was cheered on by a pretty big part of the Ukrainian population

What they’re still doing to Donetsk City now

Just think about it. How will the AFU be able to function without Ukraine’s economic base functioning? And how long will the West be able to accommodate tens of millions of refugees while subsidizing not only Ukraine’s military but their entire existence as a state?


“Silly tankie, don’t you know the economic base doesn’t matter, we’re in a post-industrial world, the financial sector and the service economy can pay for everything, buy bitcoin, invest, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”


The irony here is that even bitcoin can’t function without a power grid lmao

Thank allah

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