One of the most acclaimed and prolific socialist researchers in theoretical physics. He introduced the theories of special and general relativity, building on the work of Gauß, Riemann, and Poincaré; he explained the photoelectric effect and helped invent quantum mechanics together with Planck, Bohr, and Schrödinger, he engaged in activism against nuclear weapons, and he also co-patented a refrigerator which works without electricity.

Based, read Why Socialism?

Absolute fucking genius. Every other scientist in the century following can only stand on his shoulders.

He also invented quantum physics, not opposed it, btw.

Idk he was ok in like science or something

imma say /s just in case

He had a messy personal life, particularly with regards to the abusive relationship he had with his wife, but he was of course undeniably a peerless genius. His politics are also pretty good.


basically my opinion

Based, brilliant.

Despite having neoliberal tendencies, he was a brilliant, passionate and heartfelt man above all else, with few coming close to his greatness.

Yes, I know Great Man Theory and everything, but to deny his individual intelligence and forward-thinkingness is ridiculous.

Just never forget he had a massive team working around him and always considered his work to be a group effort.

The rock starring of induviduals is 100% a liberal tendancy, not to deny his greatness just to point out its all a team game.

I never knew he considered his work to be a team effort, though that does sounds like something he believed or would have said. Do you have a source or quote where he mentioned this?

He was based.

I don’t have anything negative to say about him - and the many positives are well known - i’ll just say that great man theory is just as wrong in science as it is in history. Science is a collective endeavor and always has been. It is not driven by individual genius as liberal propaganda would have us believe but by the hard work of many people, most of whom are forgotten. That’s not to say that individual exceptional people are not important but that they are usually overemphasized.

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