SimpleX Chat: private and secure messenger without any user IDs (not even random)
SimpleX Chat - a private and encrypted messenger without any user IDs (not even random ones)! Make a private connection via link / QR code to send messages and make calls.

I just read the whitepaper. I didn’t understand everything, but it sounds pretty good. I’d try it out, but sadly looks like they don’t have any desktop clients :/

Having unique one-time (non-reusable) invite ID is great.

The wat SimpleX uses one-way queues, and then distributes those queues among servers offers a way to mitigate communication correlation (if the servers are independent and won’t collude). Or you can just self host and not worry. Self hosting an onion service is easy.

Running SimpleX through a tor proxy (or VPN) offers even more advantages (if you think you need them).

Perhaps the only downside is SimpleX still controls who gets to be a public server (anyone can self host or offer servers, but they won’t be integrated). I have no way of knowing if the servers are owned by a single entity. This part is not “open”.


This is not a new Signal, this makes Signal obsolete.

How so?


No spam and no identifiers (phone number, email, ids, etc.) by design. Local encrypted sign-in. Your whole chat system-in-a-file .zip. Disposal, one-time, connections. This is awesome!

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They actually had security audit done by Trail of bits. Here’s a link to their reddit post


I tried SimpleX Chat, and saw it requires the other person to be on-line, maybe that will change ? The project looks promising. I think they wanted to get more money to have a security audit done for the source code.

it’s only for the initial connection



Simplex doesn’t need phone number so its different from signal

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