Mmm, lib cringe

Okay, who wants to do the honors here?

KiG V2

Made this last night! 😁

But now they say “person” instead of “man.” Such progress!

Western libs got to work themselves up into an antirussian frenzy and believe in a superhero slightly less fake than the marvel drivel they love, but what did Ukraine get? This is the reward? A country full of people whose lives are being dismantled?

Good job being western liberals’ rock em sock em robots. Fucking hell.

US publication gives award to US puppet. What a surprise.


Nobel pees prize


I want to be mad and all but then I have to remember that if I actually go outside and ask people what they think of this year’s Time Person of the Year, 99% of the people will ask me why the fuck they should care. So I don’t really care right now.

Like, this shit is not real life. It’s just liberal fantasy that.


true, plus liberals don’t give supporting zelenskyy much thought

That’s what I think— not a lot of people irl give a shit about this kind of stuff. At most, they may take the predominant narrative at face value or agree with it, but rarely to the extent that online shitlibs do, or maybe they do, but they act differently irl because eye contact is one of the last things that keeps us civilized.

Who else were they going to give it to? Zelensky has played his part as the Superman of “democracy” perfectly.

Biden? Or perhaps someone actually useful for a change, i.e the doctors fighting COVID and monkeypox

non-diegetic screams

deleted by creator

who else would they give the prize? guaido? who’s that?

Wasn’t Hitler a person of the year and nominated with Nobel Peace Prize?

Yeah but from what I can read that was satirical, it was actually done by a leftist who meant it as satire on the British PM being nominated as well. Basically them saying if the prime minister of a colonial monster like the UK can be nominated we might as well nominate Hitler. It was done the same year Hitler started WW2.

History will never be original, shit just keeps repeating itself.

fun fact: the Spirit of Ukraine is actually related to the Ghost of Kyiv

They have strained relationship tho.

the former was jealous of the latter’s fame, but the turns have tabled

It looks like a fucking Star Wars poster.

The Disneyfication of this brutal proxy war is nauseating.

You can tell they have like 3 biopic movies ready to go once this garbage calms down.

Some bootlicker spanish TV channels (private ones, thank god), started playing his tv series “i want to be the president” or however tf its called. pure cringe concentrated

That lady near the bottom left looks like mon mothma

They did the thing again! They made a nazi the “man of the year” again!

Don’t forget Obama; in fact PotY is basically a collection of western fascist icons.

Who else did they do?

Not just Hitler, the article you linked mentions “pious Chinese Generalissimo Chiang Kaishek, Man of 1937.” Time goes on to say “if Francisco Franco had won the Spanish Civil War after his great spring drive, he might well have been Man-of-the-Year timber.”

It’s a really strange article, not just for the two horrific men of the year and another horrific would-be. It touches concerns around Nazi militarism and aggression but never really takes issue with them. It also briefly mourns the possible loss of Chiang’s position of power.

Since then a few generations of American war criminals have been well represented on this list.

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