Yes, I know there’s the Parenti book, I’ll read it, but I may or may have not procrastinated all of my essays for school and time is of the essence.

Love y’all

the problem that the fall of the roman empire was not a single event, it was a process until when it occurred is still debated by historians, during the final events of rome the empire underwent major transformations and alterations to rome which was at the beginning of the empire and totally different from the rome of the late empire both in composition social, cultural and economic, There’s a YouTube channel that specializes in late Roman empire history Called Maiorianus which is not a subject that many history channels deal with It will be a good introduction to that period.

Yeah I am aware that its not a single event, issue is I don’t know much of the whole process.

The actual essay is comparing and contrasting the Decline of the US and the Decline of Rome, so it’s mainly me just summarizing the class nature of both without delving too far into theory.

Which parenti book are you talking about? There’s “The Assassination of Julius Caesar” but it didn’t talk of the fall of Rome as far as I can remember.

Oh okay, it said it was a people’s history so I figured it would have some class analysis and of course Julius Caesar bringing in a new era for Rome. My bad


Here’s a lecture of his on that book:

It took a long time.

That’s all I got.

Im sure Micheal Hudson has some analysis tho.

Have you got an essay due on Rome or is this more procrastinating?

(I don’t know much about Rome tbh. Not from an ML perspective, at least.)

You are probably right XD, I gotta work!

I see now that this is work. Win-win, as they say.

If i knew how to post a pdf I could give you a book chapter but idk how

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