Knowledge Fight: #755: Ye Takes a Sip of (Mc)Guinness
Today, Dan and Jordan continue to track the ongoing political campaign of Ye, and how it relates to Alex Jones and his career.  In this installment, another right-wing fraud attempts to sanitize Ye's bigotry, Alex formally responds to the aftermath of his interview, and Nick Fuentes calls Alex out about how his formal response is nonsense.

Basically, people who invite ye onto their shows have trouble pushing back on his mask off fascism, and Alex Jones went crying to Crowder over his interview not going well, leading to Nick Fuentes denouncing Alex for being a grifter and for not openly supporting Hitler and accepting their fully overt fascism.

I’d love to see 'ol Alex defect to the left once he’s been mistreated by his fellow rightists long enough for not being as insane and psychotic as them.

It says something when you’re more insane than the guy who cries that the government puts chemical in the water that turns the “freakin’ frogs gay!”

Jones is an undercover comrade fleecing fascists out of their money with his Big Brain Pills (probably fish food) so that they don’t have money to arm themselves. 😎

Comrade Jones playing 5d chess


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