Mostly an easy way to talked to my friends as most of them are on Twitter and barely goes on Discord which I know isn’t the best and there are better alternative but they are who you may called “normies” where it difficult to try to convince them to use a different platform, it felt like a losing battle.

I’m really missing the Group feature from Facebook. A lot of people can’t leave facebook because that’s their only contact with their dance class, activist group, family group, neighbours, knitting circles, etc. Lemmy is getting close, but it’s not mainstream at all. I’ve heard that Pixelfed and Mastodon are working on a group feature but no details on the timeline.

Groups can be broken down into 2 parts:

  1. Being able to share a post only to members of a group
  2. See posts from the groups I follow In my main Mastodon feed. (Ideally with higher priority, so I don’t miss important announcements)

Yep. only reddit/Lemmy for now filling that niche afaik

Those highly specialised communities

Getting communitu banned for telling people they’re dumb. Getting shadowbanned for showing them war crimes.

You shouldn’t tell people they’re dumb in any community, personal attacks are rarely welcome

That’s pretty dumb.

A critical mass of users. Also, good discovery: going through directories of communities and accounts etc. is sometimes exhausting and has high noise-to-signal ratio, and I wish we were more active in sharing recommendations for cool accounts or communities of the Fediverse!

@alex @AAA search and follow hashtags, use them when you post, use them in your profile… it’s how Mastodon users find each other

yeah, I’ve got Mastodon figured out, been there for a couple of years :) for peertube and Lemmy I’m struggling though!

Peertube has a meta search engine that searchs a lot of instances together. I wish Lemmy had it too.

For Lemmy: more people, and nothing else really.

Peertube has a meta search engine that searchs a lot of instances together. I wish Lemmy had it too

Yea there are a lot of communities missing the right people to keep them active

Yeah definitely. It feels like I’m “shouting into the void” instead of actually having a community, with the one I’m moderating. I’ll be stubborn and stay, though. Might as well have a good alternative to the mainstream networks for when people slowly shift over


The reddit layout or the lemmur app layout. I hate the twitter layout everyone is using

genuine conversations without repetitive inside jokes and shallow expressions. It’s as if we replaced meaningful thoughts with words and expressions that do not personally relate to the speaker.

Where are you experiencing this? My time and experience with the fedi has been fundamentally opposite of yours and I think a lot of people are inclined to agree.

I see that I’ve misunderstood the question. I was talking about my experience on other mainstream platforms.

Fair enough

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