The Kyiv Indepedent was suddenly created 2021. It’s just a Western propaganda outlet:

The Kyiv Independent was supported by an emergency grant of 200,000 Canadian dollars from the Canadian government. Ashley Mulroney, the director of the Ukrainian Development Program at the Canadian Embassy in Kyiv, expressed that the grant, distributed through the European Endowment for Democracy, was “part of broader Canadian support for free media and democratization in Ukraine.”


For children? What, did they find child sized whips, child sized car batteries with child sized calipers, and child sized iron maidens? Ridiculous.

So, according to Reuters, "“We have documented that the children were not provided with water, were given water every other day. They were practically not given food,” Lubinets said.

“They used psychological pressure. They told them their parents had abandoned them and would not return.”…Lubinets did not provide evidence of his assertions. Reuters was unable to immediately confirm the veracity of his account." First of all, the idea that the Russians had either the maliciousness or the patience to torture teenagers for such mundane things is ludicrous. Even under charges of espionage, suspects would likely be shipped elsewhere far away where they cannot be rescued by handlers (eg to Russia). Second of all, if this really happened, the Russians would have tried to conceal it, as the Imperial Japanese, who actually did do things like this, did near the end of WW2. They would have burned documents, evacuated personnel, killed witnesses, and blown up the buildings. The fact that the Ukrainians were able to claim these things with such detail is proof that Russia did not try to destroy any evidence, which proves that no such evidence existed in the first place. Lastly, there ARE NOT FUCKING PHOTOS OR VIDEOS OF THIS. NOTHING.

Oh, SBU moved back into one of their torture basements. Cool…


I need photos and videos right now. Ukraine is the good guys in this conflict, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a world class propaganda machine. I need to see proof of this because it’s cartoonishly evil and completely without explanation.

There’s a lot going on in this commenter’s thought process.

I remember having a similar thought proces to this about AES states when I was close to being a tankie

That’s tragic. He’s so close to understanding the truth.

It’s the psychological effect of the monkey reaching for a new branch, but desperately refusing to let go of the branch they’re already holding.

Their brain is subconsciously building them an airbag so that when reality becomes undeniable, the sting won’t hurt as much.

It’s a person having sneaking suspicion that they’ve been rooting for the Nazis the whole time and falling for absolute bullshit along the way, and thus desperate to confirm their biases, to reassure themselves that they aren’t little idiots who fell for blatant propaganda.

It’s called (gasp) a school. Where you LEARN things. And get grades.

Will nobody stop this evil RuZZian depravity?


School is a prison - Michel Foucault

More war propaganda, people fall easy just reading the title

Top comment: better take lots of pictures

Article: has 0 pictures.


This is basically Qanon but for Ukraine.



My immediate thought was “This is fake.” A torture chamber designed specifically for children? That’s not even believable. Pure atrocity propaganda.

Not to mention the complete absence of any pictures or video footage in the article.

Wtf, this website claims they’re left-wing https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/kyiv-independent-bias/

Maybe cause American conservatives are strangely pro Russia? Thus, pro Ukraine means leftist lol.

Uh yeah, this website lmao

Factual reporting “high” means they’re fuckign high everytime they write something

Fun fact: the team of the “Kyiv Independent” was all fired at the beginning of the war and a new one hand-picked by Zelensky.

This website is pretty garbage. Their left means left of Hitler.

Left of hitler? This website says neo-Nazis are mostly accurate, but maybe a bit swayed to the right or left.

Even then, I wouldn’t believe that

Yet another “the ruskies are eating our children!11” story.

Meanwhile Ukrainian soldiers post photos of eating remains of Russian soldiers. Yeah.

That’s so horrible that I believe it entirely.

Chech the c/Ukraine_war_news, we had some posts about it


deleted by creator

Top post in that thread: “Better take a lot of photos and videos. People are going to deny it ever happened for years.”

Yeah that’s what happens when a story is clearly fictional. Look at these depraved bastards, trying to make this into a Holocaust Denial thing. There’s evidence of the holocaust, bones, teeth, pictures, video, the Nazis were never able to cover it up, we know it happened. Meanwhile there isn’t anything to back up this stuff.

It’s even worse. There is a good deal of evidence that most of these accusations by Ukraine are projection. So you are safer betting that whatever new atrocity they decided to accuse Russia of is one they have actually been committing. They literally have children on their online kill list, and we know from videos and testimony that they torture and murder civilians and POWs alike. The Russians have actually shown pictures of torture rooms they found in liberated areas.

Sadly many of these crimes are probably never going to become known in the west, they will keep being denied and the accusation projected at Russia.

The things that are going to happen in Ukraine once Russian forces pull out for good are abominable to think about.

The Russian forces are not going anywhere, the four former Ukrainian Oblasts that they are present in are permanently a part of Russia now. And Putin has hinted that more may be added in the future. The reason why the Ukronazis are going into turbo mode with their atrocities in Donbass at the moment is the same why the Nazis committed some of their worst massacres and atrocities after 1942 when they started to be pushed back and lose ground: they know that this is their last chance to torture and kill defenseless people in the regions populated by the ethnic group they hate before they are kicked out for good.

Seeing people defend those butchers really bothers me. It’s beyond clear at this point that the “Russia is committing genocide” narrative is pure projection.

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