How fucking deep does this go?

I know I sound like an r/conspiracy poster but this is absolutely insane. Even the Pope is telling everyone to send all they can to Ukraine. No other charity, no other warzone, JUST Ukraine. The same Ukraine that just outlawed Orthodox Christianity and suddenly has Neo-Nazi rituals and witches all over their social media. This is a scheme, there’s no other explanation, this is a massive money laundering operation. If a person can’t see that at this point, they’re beyond help.

Maybe the US finally ran out of free money to give and that’s why it’s being called “donations” now instead of lethal aid or humanitarian assistance.

communism will cum. oh my allah i’m cumming

Think about the time you used making this post. You could have used that time volunteering on behalf of Ukraine in some way. Ukraine is disappointed. How selfish.

Would do, but Russia isn’t accepting foreign volunteers (PSA for any NSA agents watching: this is just a joke, I love my capitalist government, slava ukraini, long live the ghost of Kiev, etc)

Yemen is closer to home for me

Daliy remider that the Catholic Church Owns 20% of Italy

1000 years ago it would have been like: “peasants! Eat less plain bread and tasteless vegetables and donate the difference to the crusaders! They’re totally the good guys!”

Didn’t the Catholic church support Nazis?

They did (and they’re still doing it heheh)

To be fair the Pope also blamed NATO for the conflict

Yep, this is most certainly the way to bring about that union between the Catholics and the Orthodox (the Russian Orthodox of course being one of the biggest denominations) that you keep talking about. Right on.

  1. Catholic proselytism in Ukraine is one of the main point of conflict between catholic and orthodox churches for years (for centuries actually but recently too). Now when Ukraine hates Russia pope feel it’s time to strike those souls again.

  2. When did Ukraine outlawed Orthodox Christianity? Country is choke full of religious fanatics since 1991 just like every postsoviet coutry and religion ties to oligarchs and fascists are just as strong as everywhere.

  3. Why the fuck is anyone ever surprised catholic church and pope is the scum always supporting imperialism? Just because he said something based once or twice?

Just because he said something based once or twice?

Yes. That’s literally it.

As my favourite bible quote goes “you will know them by their fruits”

When did Ukraine outlawed Orthodox Christianity?

Zelenskyy proposed banning the Moscow Patriarchate Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and “closely monitoring” the Kiev Patriarchate Ukrainian Orthodox Church, a bit over a week ago

That’s just a schism though and securing state control over church, which is not only historically very common for orthodox countries, and will probably be popular among orthofash.

Isn’t Christmas supposed to be about peace and goodwill toward man, Frankie

If ever there was evidence the Adversary walks among us and is in the Church, that’s it right there

KiG V2


it seems that nazi sympathies are still pretty alive in catholic church

The worst part of this is that there genuinely are good people in Ukraine who need aid, but you can’t trust literally any donation fund because pretty much every one of them are going to the Nazis.

such a motherf*cker he is . 😒 Why don’t they donate to the people and the children of west asia who are in a real need for medical supplies , food , water and medicines , including other things like personal stuff and what not , such hypocrites they are to hell with them all .

That’s the Catholic Church for you— a completely reactionary, hypocritical, malignant institution since it became the religion of Rome, causing poverty and destruction and engaging in evil acts with its left hand, and supposedly alleviating them with its right hand.

KiG V2

Don’t want too much light on West Asia, for then they will see all the American bombs 👁

You are very right comrade 😅

non-diegetic screams

deleted by creator

Sos un tremendo botón, Pancho, zopeda de toga.

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