Claiming our data? What nonsense. Of course we can claim the data that Google has or the social networks that have it and they will surely give it to us. But then what? These people make money with our data that they sell to third parties, that is, they are distributed throughout the network and we must demand them from all advertising companies around the globe, and even if they give us the data, there is no guarantee that they delete them or to whom else they have sold them. What is on the network remains on the network until the final judgment, no matter how much we claim the data from the companies. The only way to avoid that our data circulates through the network is not to sign up to any company that earns money with advertising, which is the vast majority and this since our beginning of activities on the Internet. They track our email addresses, our fingerprint that we leave on each page we visit, our location, our OS and type, the browser we use and other data that makes us identifiable and traceable, no matter how much VPN we use. Claiming our data is a bad joke, claiming to whom?


Haven’t heard a word from him about the Fediverse. Solid simply won’t work the way he thinks it will on its own. The reason people stay on social media platforms isn’t because it’s laborous to move their content; it’s because nobody will see it if they do.

Really all Solid stands to do in the current climate is offer storage relief to existing platforms.

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You can host your own pod, or get a pod from a variety of providers. It’s not a centralized product.

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