It’s so satisfying, I’m so fucking happy right now, Fr*ce had like 10+ fouls and they literally ignored almost every single one of them, like FIFA wanted France to won just because they want Western European country to win but Argentine prevailed!!!

I hope it made Macron sad. And England, them too.

You seen his face? Pure disappointment while he is greeting players down at stadium before trophies

No, but I am going to now. Thanks comrade.

Probably the greatest match of football I will ever see in my life

it was such a fun match to watch, totally worth procrastinating everything i had to do.

They sported the ball better than the other team!

Not only that but better than all the other teams

Woke up this morning just to watch it, it was totally awesome. I don’t usually watch soccer so it was nice to be a part of the experience. Plus I picked Argentina to win the whole thing lol

I also rarely watch sport, but this was something else!🇦🇷

I usually watch football and basketball if only cause it’s a cultural thing for me (both leagues are like 75%+ Black players); I’m glad to see a colonizer country like France lose, especially since ugly ass Macrony was there lol

I always watch whenever Global South country plays, so satisfying when European country loses. At least one legend can retire in victory!



Comrade Ben

Always good to see france lose

was maybe the best wc final i’ve ever seen

And now Messi can keep shilling for Saudi Arabia and their world cup bid

Players are part of the bourgeoisie, but the team winning represents something for a country and its people.

that’s true, but he’s idolized and no one questions him

I don’t mind it tbh. It is hardly worse than global north countries asserting that they and their puppet states should have a monopoly over holding international sporting events.

ok, but the saudi bid is against a joint bid from uruguay, argentina, paraguay, chile…he doesn’t need the money but he takes it

I didn’t know that. Good point.

I mean it’s nothing to get too worked up over either way. Messi is maybe best ever, but we always give athletes a pass. I don’t wanna harp on it too much, but people should know

I think the game was very fair in terms of fouls. Both the teams and the referee did very well.

Based and fantastic. Messi can retire with pride; Argentina has avenged the African countries France stepped on to get to the finals.

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Italian colonization is getting out of hand

Soviet Snake

tf u saying bro

It’s just a joke, a lot of argentinains are Italians or Italian descendants

Maybe misspelled latin

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