another banger from r/worldnews, the gift that keeps on giving.

For the love of god, there are NO conscripts in Ukraine. It only becomes legal for Russia to deploy them in Ukraine if a Ukrainian push into Russia itself occurs.

The deployed forces are career militarily.

There is no liberal pretending now. Telltale sign of Europe and US slipping into fascism. It will not take many fascists to make a country fascist, but it will need lot more communists to stop it. From a citizen from a counrty with a fascist party in the lead, everything will progressively worsen.

Bury The Right

A saw lots of these shits in internet forums I used to participate in before I began shutting myself out from garbage on the internet for the sake of my mental health. Self-proclaimed fascists with Hitler avatars mouthing about Jews, Social Darwinist Trump supporter Jingoists who said that the US should of taken ALL of Iraq’s oil and that the US should invade Iran for the sake of using it as a staging ground to attack China, Eccentric “Race Realist” making page long post about why Black people are to to blame for Africa being poor and not European colonialism, etc.

Of all the online communities, Marxist Leninist ones are the only ones not filled with people that make my stomach turn.

Wait, wait, wait. He just said the Germans ran as far from Russia as they could, and then claimed that the Concentration Camps were in Eastern Europe because the Russians approved somehow? Those two thoughts do not mesh together at all.

It’s very simple bro. Concentration camps are bad, and so is communism. So the bad things were close together. However Communists were so bad that even Nazis, despite being bad, were afraid of them, and fled. In other words, on a scale of badness, Communists were below concentration camps. This is proof that Communism is worse than genocide.

-actual liberal brain


You don’t understand, Eastern Europe is evil land so evil thing takes place there. Even the nazies are afraid of that land but they had to build the concentration camps there because the place is evil. The place makes them do evil things. From this we know that people from there are naturally disposed to do evil things. Nazies had enough evil so they ran away from there after war.

Ohh the decorum my good sir, you cannot send nazis to gulags. Think about democracy!

Holy shit this is just straight up racism

“There’s a reason Jews were in concentration camps and not good Christian Europeans. And that reason is… uhhhh…”

Western Christian Europeans, you mean. Slavs and other Eastern Europeans weren’t always so lucky— Hitler and many other Nazis wanted the destruction of Slavic peoples almost as much as they wanted the destruction of Jews.

Contemporary neo-Nazis are the ones who tend to be general white supremacists and often even pro-Slavic.

They’re also pro-Jews as long as the Jews fuck off to Israel, which in their opinion is how the world should be. Countries divided by race.

They were COMMUNISTS! Hitler was just doing some routine wholesome decommunization and these tankies made up stories about him being antisemitic! How could Nazi Germany be antisemitic when Avraham Stern was pro Nazi Germany and he was JEWISH!

those evil judeau boleshevik tankies

Libs are or too fucking dumb, or downright psychos.

So what I’m getting is that Stalin did not go far enough.

I just remembered GZD got banned for ‘spreading misinformation’. What a hellhole.

r/worldnews is basically r/nazisaregood at this point.


r/nazisaregood is a real subreddit BTW.

Ah, it’s much worse than I thought.

Since the Russian/Ukraine war I’ve noticed tons of libs defending Nazis unprompted. The media seems to be trying to just pretend like Nazis don’t exist in Ukraine so I’m not sure where this is coming from, other than maybe they are defensive when a ‘tankie’ mentions this to them.

Some media in my country go as far as praising the Azov Battalion. Look at this shit:ção_e_glorificação_do_nazismo_no_correio/


Azov Battalion.

Until the last drop of blood.

Who are these defenders of Ukraine who refuse to surrender to the Russian invader and persist in a resistance that makes the west blush with embarrassment/shame.

This war really is just missing white woman syndrome on a national level. If these people weren’t white Europeans they would not be getting worshipped this much.


Defending nazis is like a reflex for them.

“Won’t someone think of the poor Nazis 😭”

No but seriously, the Nazi apologia has gotten insane these last few months. I bet they think the proper retaliation would be to start opening up concentration camps for Russian citizens.

I bet they think the proper retaliation would be to start opening up concentration camps for Russian citizens.

And don’t forget all those dirty brown and black people from global south countries who sided with Russia! They’re basically Russian at this point and must be taught a lesson.

And maybe hire some Azov to leading positions in NATO. They’re heroes after all.

Libs motto

Ah yes the concentration camps Germans built to ‘cleanse’ east europe of jews and slavs is somehow Russia’s fault.

The nazis fled to the west because they knew the west would not punish them. This is not a flex. This liberal is outing themself.

They knew they will be saved in operation paperclip lol

deleted by creator

People who know nothing about Slavic History are breaking out their phrenology books to justify hating Russians.

deleted by creator

hating nazis is a good policy

deleted by creator

It’s maddening, especially in the USA. Most people are aggressively overconfident on things they have done zero research on. I’ve started pushing back in my personal life and asking people to show me proof of their claims. They usually just get pissed at me.

deleted by creator

Let us be honest, that speaks more about YOU than the soviets.

exactly lol. Dude is like “I’m obviously a good guy because Nazis liked me more!” and I’m sitting there like “yeah… that’s not a good thing bruv”.

Wtf that conversation reads like it was generated by some AI

Oh lord, it’s that easy? It’s that easy to invent atrocities? No one’s even asking for a source.

This is the type of shit they made up to go into Iraq the first time. It’s scary that someone can just make up the most vile shit imaginable and people will just instantly and uncritically believe it.

How dare you? Iraqis ate babies for entertainment! We’ve had testimonies! TESTIMONIES I SAY! ceaseless liberal screeching

WOW - so as long as it’s Russians, you can literally just make up any war crimes on the spot, and everyone will just believe it! No evidence necessary! As a Slav living in the West, I find it incredibly disturbing to see just how racist these people are against us. These people are my neighbours, coworkers, people I pass in the streets ffs :feelsbadman: :(

I worry we’ve crossed a line that cannot be uncrossed. If Russians weren’t indistinguishable from Anglos I would fully expect that we’d be hearing more stories about violence against you guys.

Absolute 100%. Look how they treated the Chinese when half the leaders were specifically telling them to not do that. If all of media told them Russians were evil and they were distinguishable from whites based on physical features, there would be insane amounts of hate crimes. Never forget after 9/11 a bunch of muricans murdered a whole bunch of Sikh people and Indians because they “looked Muslim”.

No violence on my end - thank goodness. But there have been a few occasions recently where I’ve been made to feel uncomfortable just because of my NAME. I’ll tell you about the worst occurence of this so far - Okay, so I go to this electronics shop to return something and purchase another thing. The manager rings me up, and he sees my name when he scans the rewards card. Out of nowhere, he just says “Oh, that’s a RUSSIAN last name(Which it isn’t even btw, I’m from the Balkans - not Russian. But he doesn’t know this.) What do YOU think about what’s going on in Ukraine?” In a really accusatory tone. I was so caught off guard by this, just totally put on the spot, and around a bunch of other shoppers too - I didn’t want to cause outrage, and so stammered a bit and just said some nice sounding vague BS about how I don’t support the war, don’t support either government because they’re both corrupt, and do support the people of Ukraine. Basically just got out of that without having to explicitly pledge support for the Ukro-fasc. But this is ridiculous - why the fuck am I being interrogated about my political opinions when I’m just buying something at a store ffs - how incredibly rude and unprofessional >:(

Now imagine what it be like if they could tell you’re Russian just by looking at your face.

Don’t worry, they probably think of you as “one of the good ones”.


Probably somewhere between “Proud second class citizen” and “fucking subhuman taking our jobs”

It’s ok mate you’re one of the good ones. When we start shoving you and your like in gas chambers, I’ll feel slightly bad for a few seconds! What more do you want?

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