This is some collapse type shit, is US openly prepping for WW3?

This country is just a giant ponzi scheme. Taking poor people’s money and giving it to Raytheon.

Money printing going full steam

The situation of “government shutdown” baffles me. “Yeah, whoops, we didn’t allocate money for the government, guess it’s not running now, lol”. In Poland at least, not passing a budget means the parliament can be disbanded so there is an incentive to pass a budget, even if it’s not exactly to everyone’s liking.

I wish I had the option of choosing not to work if I’m not paid on time too.

no money for health care, or the shitty infrastructure, or education, or the growing homeless problem, or the opioid/meth crisis…but always money for war

Funny how that works.

The more I read this, the crazier it gets.

Banning tiktok? Mother fuckers were using tiktok to agitprop for the Ukraine.

I swear, I think I hear demons in Washington.

Dude… What the shit?

You know… There comes a time when you start seeing numbers next to dollar signs and conclude that idiots are just pulling numbers out of their ass.

What part of that trillion is even real???

They were removed and moaning about sending billions to the Ukraine but you just found a trillion dollars in the couch cushions for MORE military shit?

…This shit is straight up fake. THAT money aint even real.

It ain’t real to the government, but it will be real when it fill the account of oligarchs and it will be incredibly real when the working class will have to pay it.

1.7 trillion. That is nonsense money.

Yes, but they will demand if from workers anyway.

some free healthcare would be nice

If this aint just picture perfect social murder, I dont know what is.

Sounds like Keynes for people who like to pretend that capitalist markets are free.

TikTok ban lmao wasn’t that a Trump thing

When Western capitalist has my data: 🤨

When CHINESE capitalist has my data: 😱😱😱😱

A lot of things that Trump suggested and was mocked for are implemented by Biden with the same people not batting an eye. Remember kids in cages? Mexico border wall? Promises of reindustrialization and economic growth?


They’re called influx facilities now, sweaty.

You have no idea how much I hate this sugarcoated, corporate style language. “Compliance”. “Influx facilities”.




What the fuck

Thats all I have to say

Edit: sike. Half of this is going towards the military and police funding while the rest is divided up into meager amounts toward lukewarm programs -_- 500million to the EPA? REALLY?

858 fucking billion to our “defense” budget

68 billion to nazis


Harm reduction administration be like

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