Along with Palestinian territories, there are still tens of islands over the North and South America and Caribbean, Pacific, Oceania etc and even a few cities and territories in Africa that are still in possession of the European colonialists that haven’t been returned to their countries or gotten independence like Barbados did recently. Northern Ireland, British overseas islands, Falklands and Gibraltar come to my mind first, then Spanish islands, Ceuta and Melilla, Netherlands islands and Greenland, Hawaii and Puerto Rico etc.

These need to be freed from the colonialization, Palestine needs it’s land back from the zionists, Ireland needs to unite, Falklands need to be returned to Argentina, Ceuta and Melilla need to be returned to Morocco along with islands close to the bank of Atlantic, Greenland, Hawaii and Puerto Rico need independence along with majority of other islands overseas!

Does anyone know when and how will any of this happen and colonization be over once and for all?

i think it’s important to note that most western nations have colonized their own territories first, before occupation of islands or other lands. even if the USA hadn’t occupied a single island or country, itself is a nation that claims its legitimacy on occupying the stolen land of many hundreds of sovereign tribes and nations. the wealth that Amerika accrued since the beginning of its formation has been from the colonial extraction of carefully managed resources and environment that had been developed for thousands of years prior to their occupation.

colonization is most obvious in settler-colonial states like the US because their nation’s foundation was based on colonization. but many, if not all, European nations at one point were colonized. indigenous cultures have been colonized by various empires and the nations which claim the national identity of its people well before the colonial era. their rights are often subordinate to not just their colonial oppressors but often even to the nation’s formal colonial territories. we see this with the Japanese and the Ainu, Finland with the Sami, Britain with the Celts, and so on.

Let’s also not forget French Guyana, French Polynesia, and the many, many more islands France owns, too.

Western Sahara and Yemen, socotra is owned by the UAE right now

What’s going on exactly in Western Sahara? I only hear that there is some limited war there. And yes, Yemen is to be liberated from Saudi Arabia also, Houthis need to prevail. What’s UAE doing on Socotra wtf?

Basically: polizario front fought Spanish colonialism in the 70s, Spain was leaving, last minute morocco and Mauritania show up and claim the land, sahara war happens, Mauritania leaves morocco stays and builds wall that devides the place (with the help of South Korea apartheid south Africa and Isr*el) between moroccan teritories and SADR ones, the war froze in 1991, also they kicked out around half a million sahrawis into the algerian desert and the ones currently living in occupied territories are wither moroccan settlers or sahrawis living in apartheid, war restared in 2019.

Wtf how didn’t I know about all of this?

Mama Africa is a blindspot for even africans

It’s sad how true that is because I didn’t know anything of what you just told (only knew that morocco was occupying the western sahara but no more).

Interesting that you mentioned Morocco because they’re occupying (and correct me if I’m wrong) the last literal colony: Western Sahara. I think that minimal progress can be made towards decolonization while the US still is what it is, sadly. But on the bright side, American unipolarity is on the decline. But that also means that the US is likely to pull more dangerous stunts out of desperation sooo /:

How did all the colonialists lost this much colonies while USA was even stronger than it is today then? I get Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Guam must wait, but what does USA has to do with random Dutch or Spanish occupied islands anyway?

They switched to neo-colonialism, according to Kwame Nkrumah. The colonists never left, they just moved their colonial offices and retained the rights to capital in the global south. At the same time, they brought their colonial practices home and began a process of internal colonisation (according to James Trafford) roughly speaking.

In addition to what Rania said, the US financial beast is what props up a lot of these countries. Like how it funded Hitler back in the day.

You know how American forces entered Vietnam after fr*nce left? Ig same thing happened

KiG V2

Like most good things, these goals will become more feasible as the Empire wanes. I would expect to see such victories slowly increase exponentially over the next decade or four, the greatest variable simply being the entire world geopolitical situation.

I think united Ireland is the closest, a matter of years

You’re asking for someone to predict the future. Unfortunately that is not possible, it’s not what we Marxists do. We look at the objective historical forces acting on a given system, we analyze its dynamics from a materialist point of view to identify trends and the direction in which it is heading but we can’t say when or how particular things will happen. What we do know, because it lines up both with Marxist theory and with what we can currently observe when we look at past and present, is that the world is indeed heading in the direction of decolonization.

No, just guesses and estimates on when/how.

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