Prolly not news to comrades but this is a comic of breakthrough news, at least unofficially affiliated with Party for Socialism and Liberation, and a good source of news and analysis.

I wasn’t aware this was their comic or that BreakThrough News was associated with the PSL

Liberal principle is supposed to use soft diplomacy and alliance building like China and Putin. I cannot believe that Communist countries and populists from non-imperialist countries are more faithful to the Liberal values than the “Liberal” countries themselves.

Primacy of private property is the biggest violation of officially preached liberal values therefore communism, which don’t value private property, is the closest ideology to liberalism.

As I read a guy say about American diplomacy with China, the US “diplomacy” is impotent outside of scenarios where they recieve someone for a briefing, like Zelensky here, or just bring an aircraft carrier and tell people what to do. In their paradigm you’ve already lost the negotiations if you’re negotiating instead of reading out the terms. Applies with some changes to the UK too. In short, their diplomacy is fucking dead and decomposing.

Hey if biden wants to give me a few missiles, I’ll gladly use them. In minecraft ofc

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