Guys. Fellas.

This is actually pretty normal. Female personnel become pregnant and militaries do have maternity clothing.

“Why is it camo though?”

Because it’s cheaper and easier to get from a single reliable supplier. Also…it is a war. Being in camo may be slightly helpful in the event a pregnant military person might have to get moving in the face of danger.

This isnt an indication that the ukraine is so desperate they’re sending out pregnant people into the meat grinder.

Who wants to bet we are a few weeks/months away from kamikaze troops and planes, suicide bombers, and 12-75 year old soldiers?

Are you sure we’re not reading too hard into a single photo? It could just be the lack of other mannequins

We are reading too much into it.

Militaries can and do have maternity clothing. This isn’t a grim thing. This is normal.

It’s probably for non-combat roles but still, conscripting pregnant women and having them in legitimate military targets isn’t a good look

Well medical staff, religious clergy, and humanitarian corps are non-combat roles that wouldn’t involve being active legal targets, but at the same time why would those roles require a full camouflage uniform? And why would you want those troops to be pregnant???

Wow. They are that desperate.


They will send them to die then the west will screech that Russians are murdering pregnant women.

Not that they haven’t already been saying shit like that but now they will have bodies to use as “proof.”

Wonderful…. We’ve reached the Volkssturm levels of conscription

We’ve been there since March. Have you seen those Teroborona gits getting free AKs?

I will say that the use of a national civilian militia is already a terrible sign, but when it gets to the point of Nazi Germany March 1945 levels of conscription where the elderly, pregnant women, and school children are active troops…. Then it’s basically a suicidal lost cause at that point.


At that point, I wouldtmnt be shocked if they drafted kids

That’s it, I’m a posadist now.

Based and 🐬 pilled

Isn’t enlisting pregnant women a war crime?

Also, how many pregnant women do you plan on enlisting that you actually custom designed a uniform for them?

I have two ideas: 1.) propaganda about self-defense for mothers, same way they try to sell the child soldiers thing 2.) message to women that they won’t escape conscription via a pregnancy test

They will really be going until the last Ukrainian…

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Ukrainian military :

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