I ated her 💀💀💀 sorry

You liar 🥺

You’re right… not sorry

Excused due to based pfp

Yet another win for comrade Stalin

He never lost, he is the instawin mode

I can confirm that Ratette™ is busy with a special mission from President Xi

This is true, I’m currently helping him complete his pokedex 💪

sshhhh, that’s supposed to be top-secret


I love this emojis

the 01FAE2

It’s an emoji holding its hand over mouth to show i shouldn’t reveal secrets. Smh capybara.

deleted by creator

A life of touching grass 😎

I’ll go touch grass (books) and disappear until mid June in a few days

Life is beautiful. Don’t feel forced to share where you are but to avoid worrying people you could add “currently touching grass” to your bio. I hope your break is helpful and recharges you.

My g, I don’t think you get it, I am rn in the break, I have something important to do in June and I must be ready for

I was referring to your break from lemmygrad. I wish you strength for your project in June. I’m currently focusing on an important academic goal so we could be in similar situations.

Be safe comrade 🙏

They got a life

Yes, but it would be nice if they paid us a visit every once in a while. I guess I just don’t like missing people lmao.

Also, @Based_grandma69@lemmygrad.ml

Catradora as well!

deleted by creator


Well, glad that you’re still with us! I hope everything goes well for you!

His leaves the two of us… ONLY ONE OF US WALKS AWAY 😈😤🔥


Tell me height and weight to estimate

w-wat does my height and weight have to do anything with me leaving!!??? 😤😤😤

We’re going tofight in the 'grad’s parking lot tomorrow at 5 pm

Oh yeah?! Bring it on! Don’t be late now-

Dereliction of posting duties will not be tolerated. On a serious note I hope all three of them are well.

Fair enough, it just feels a little odd to see frequency drop like a ball

KiG V2

Tbf I too dropped off a solid 6 months this year, shit do just be happening. And sometimes it is bad but sometimes it’s good and (not trying to jinx anything) it is seldom “they died” bad. I know that Ratto often expressed for many months publicly that they wanted to take a break from here specifically and social media in general.

Its cool if people take a break, shit just breaks mentally. Internet can be overdose sometimes, including toxicity on it. But I just felt like putting it out there, because I care about mental health of few good people I know.

N’awwwh I’m doing okay thank you 😊

Just touching grass and doing some life admin 💪

Very based, also, do you behold the power of causing the funny -1 votes?

The spectre that haunts lemmygrad enjoyed your comment so much it gave you a downvote buffer 😳

I am now immune to the mysterious hanjian in Lemmygrad!

am in contact with the rat, can confirm a break is being taken

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