Since 2022 is ending, lots of things have happened. Like the death of Gorbachev, Elizabeth and Shinzō Abe. The war in Ukraine escalated, etc. etc. Which is why I wanted to ask you wether it was a good year or not

Ayjan Ibrahimov

Death of Abe Shinzō in July 8


rest in 地狱 Bozo . you will never be missed you 恶魔 , imperialist piece of 狗屁 。

The best thing?

For me: getting a new job that pays way better (and allows more freedom) than the previous one

For the world? Perhaps cold fusion or JWST, can’t think of anything not hard sciences because 2022 seems to be a cromulent fuckcrustable of a year

The fact that this war heightened contradictions I’m not an accelerations (at least not fully) yet I think all the repercussions of this war on the first World (and expecially Europe) are really helping a lot in exposing the contradictions to the general public, we are seeing a lot of people protest against the Absurd costs of living, and against the war. I think that, if we manage to exploit this anger, we can channel it towards the end goal, revolution.

Ok, I’m gonna be the buzzkill.

It’s fucked up that The Marked One and the Everqueen’s deaths are the best things this year. What a fucking time…

Gorby and Lizzy are in the ground. Also Guaido is losing support from everyone I was cracking up reading about it. That one is recent but still gold


Gorbachev died lol rip bozo

Garbagehev died, west is declining rapidly because of war in Ukraine and Messi won the World Cup.

Gorbachev and Queen Elizabeth II. died

Gorbachev Died, I don’t think I can explain the feeling I got when I heard the news. I understand that this is all in all a very minor event that happened, but seeing that class traitor die, and then not be burried with the leaders of the USSR warmed my heart.

deleted by creator

Geopolitical shifts triggered by the escalation of the Ukraine war hastening the decline of Amerika as a global hegemon. The Ukraine war has had some positive outcomes as long as we ignore all the dead/displaced Ukrainian civilians and the food shortages and the vastly increased energy prices and the intense Russophobic propaganda and the strengthening of NATO and

To add to this: The Ukraine crises revealing American and European liberal mindset and how they have double standards about when war is bad and when it is good. Who’s suffering is justified and who’s isn’t (relatively civilized, relatively european)

African and Asian nations not supporting NATO.

They haven’t progressed past just war theory. They just have different words for it.

So far,unavailable

Best days where when I walked my grandma around,worst is when she… 💔

Edit: I seem to have misunderstood the assignment,anyhow the whole gas crisis in Europe and Algeria using it to bully European countries.

sorry about your grandma, nonetheless, comrade :(

Good year for multipolarity… but only because it had to be, because of all the bad shit.

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