China's ambitious projects, grave threat to environment, economy
China's ambitious projects are posing a severe threat to the global economy and global health in long term and would be disastrous to the world, according to the Voices Against Autocracy reported.China's ambitious project, Belt and Road initiative, started in 2013, began with the aim of making bette

The country’s planned investments in projects may lead to “permanent environmental degradation” by causing pollution, habitat loss, and wildlife mortality, among others, as per the Voices Against Autocracy report.

A lot of topics here appear to trigger a debate of ideoligies or between “first world” and “third world” (I decry such terminology, but let’s put that aside now), as if that would solve any problem. It’s sort of of double standard: environmental pollution is bad and good, surveillance is bad and good … it just depends who commits the crime …

If you’ve got a couple of minutes, scroll through the images from around the globe to see where we’re all heading as a global human race. (Ah, yes, the current climate crisis has been and is still being caused mostly by the US and many countries in Europe, and, yes, these countries must change their lifestyles and they are financially liable for the crises. These are two of many issues I agree with my friends from China, South America and Africa.)

Why don’t you fucking colonialist do some degrowth? Why don’t you fucking rip apart your car society or start caring about a transition to a green energy infrastrcture? Whenever a third world exploited nation tries to get industrialization is when you fucking care about Co2? Go fucking fuck yourself, and your colonialist, imperialist first world agenda. This post is not relevant to this community, it is a smoke screen for anticommunist propaganda with pretentions of caring about the climate crisis YOUR countries generated in the first place.

The fact that someone else did something shortsighted to more quickly advance their country does not mean China has to do it. It is far from a third world nation and has the resources, competence, and researchers to do better than the West has and is doing. And there’s no need for name calling either.

Soviet Snake

I will not even go into your claims of China being a first world country because…

Look, it is simple, China is not doing something short sighted, without industrialization there is no nation that can get green energy infrastructure, if the exploiters who raped third world exploited nations do not pay reparations, there is no other way to do this better. This is all the Empires’s fault.

This is all the Empires’s fault

I see. As we know whose fault it is, the problem is solved, right?

When China’s colonialization projects will have produced the same environmental and social desasters as all the others in human history, will they also have to “pay reparations”? And if so, with an earth then being widely unhabitable, what do we do with the money?

Exactly, western “environmentalism” is nothing more than them telling everyone else “fuck you, I got mine.”

They had their industrialization and wreaked havoc on the Earth with their consumerism and imperialism, and now they don’t want to face the consequences, so they’re trying to pin it on the rest of the world.

Even within the West, the narrative is always “normal people should live in pods, give up all their luxuries, eat bugs, and have less kids” and never “let’s do something about those billionaires and corporations who are the biggest polluters, emitting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than entire countries.”

The western imperialist bourgeoisie want reduction in population and living standards so badly? Why don’t they lead by example?

Bugs aren’t even that healthy, people should be eating more soy protein isolate, defatted peanut flour, stuff like that. We don’t need to eat moldy bugs lmao.


‘Colonists’ says the supporter of China, who wants to invade and control the independent nation of Taiwan

Soviet Snake

Aboriginal Formosan people of the island were colonized first by feudal lords and this was perpetuated by the ROC, did you know that, right? It wasn’t a Han majority State.

The part that wants independence is not the one who helds office or majority of congress and that opinion is not held my the majority of its people. The official stance by the Republic of China is that the mainland and the island are one and the same and that they should be reunited. It is a political difference, the ROC are liberals who want a bourgeois dictatorship, the PRC are communists who want a proletarian dictatorship.

Still, this is not an issue with China’s political affairs, WE in the third world welcome with open hearts the Belt and Road innitiative. In Latin America alone this will bring an enourmous help in freeing ourselves from the claws of Usonian and European imperialism, which you seem to want to perpetuate. We welcome them, it is none of your business what we do with them. You already had your shot at industrialization thanks to the blood of our siblings, if you care about the environment free the colonies you enslave (Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, French Guiana, and the countless others) and repair the pillaging you have done in these lands to help us transition to a green energy infrastructure. If not, shut the fuck up because you are only interested in what benefits your Empire and your masters. You see bad only in otherness, as you liberals like to say, whattaboutism. It is always “What about China?”, “What about X and Y?” but never “What about ourselves?”.

voices against autocracy

This sounds like a group that has an accurate view of China’s conditions. The one man rule of that penis potato ZZ Ping over 1+ billion people and his genocide of the desert must be stopped! Slava Taiwan!

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