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Amsterdam is indeed a great spot for grocery shopping. There’s a few supermarket chains and tons and tons of smaller family run green grocer type stores all over the city. There is also a variety of ‘specialty shops’ with really high quality stuff but you definitely pay more.

My biggest gripe is that one chain in particular, Albert Heijn, has all of the best locations around the city and they also have the highest prices. So I have to go well out of my way to go to a non-Albert Heijn chain store. The thumbnail of the video is definitely in an Albert Heijn, I recognize the price tags.

That all being said, to reach another chain store is less than 10 minutes biking whereas an AH store is 2-5 minutes biking. So Amsterdam is still by far the best compared to anywhere else I have lived thus far. (Housing prices and availability are absolutely awful though)


This is a common model in many parts of the world, but these small shops are usually run by big chains as well and come with a significant price mark-up compared to the larger supermarkets at the town periphery.

It is convenient for sure, but if you really calculate it you quickly realize that they are quite a rip-off.

The better model is probably to do group purchasing and direct deliveries from farm cooperatives to apartment complexes or similar methods.

ye, this has been the situation in almost all cities i lived in, and it’s by no means exclusive to amsterdam, but i like how this short video highlights the key points of the experience

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