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ST’s old video about the dprk unfortunately reminds me of when i used to think that the dprk wasn’t a democracy a few years ago

Everyone thought lmao, the propaganda machine went full sicko mode

Liberal JT of the past scared me

He was just hiding his power level

He was a sleeper agent biding his time

Why tf you need an alt

Ayjan Ibrahimov

Ok let me explain it here this one was supposed to be my first account to begin with and in case something bad happens i have this one just in case. And the admins and mods know that i was trying to join lemmygrad.ml in 1 month ago but i couldn’t join because some technical problems that where happening at that time until yesterday and now i have this one that supposed to be the first account and the other in lemmy.ml the second account but yeah that’s how i have two accounts instead 😆

Lizzy is in the thumbnail

She’s also in a box

Lizbox one

Lizbox 360

It stinks tho

(years old)

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