Another question is what socialist countries could become AES?

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When you achieve a succesful revolution and implement a one party rule, Marxist Leninist proletarian dictstorship.

Regarding what countries, there are not really a lot of them with a good communist party with massive support, there are countries with non Marxist socialist parties that are in favour of anti imperialism but these mostly prevent ML parties from advancing further. Greece has strong support but it is located in Europe so a counter revolution would be easy, maybe Belorussia if manage to improve their conditions, Sri Lanka and Nepal both have good support for communism but their parties are not the best, those are what comes to my mind.


To add, it’s also when the party exhibits final control over the public and private sectors, and plans the economy for its own macro targets (IE, the party stands above economic power). At this point we can say the surplus has changed from a capitalist, to a socialist one.

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