Was typing random shit ive been thinking in my brain. Got this


Dude Falun Gong is literally the Scientology of the East. It hits every single box on the cult checklist. It’s ridiculous that the anyone defends that organization.

Like, you know how Himmler had this weird Fascho-satanic belief system where he was a Nazi and also actually believed in supernatural entities, and both things actively played into and influenced each other? It’s almost exactly like that but vague Eastern undertones as opposed to Abrahamic undertones.

Just today I’ve seen three commercials for shen yun and every time I have to hear that stupid “Experience China Before Communism” tagline. God shut the fuck up

You’ve heard of “China Before Communism”, get ready for “The Southern United States Before The Civil War”, as well as other hits like “South Africa Before The 1980s”, or “France Before The Revolution”, or “The Congo Under Belgian Control”, or “India Before Decolonization”

Don’t forget “Denmark before 1848”

Lol fucking based


dprk w

Finally 😎 fuck falun gong

What are they doing there in the first place? Isn’t hating communism their whole shtick?

Cults need recruits and if they got a few DPRK defectors it might open new scam avenues.

I guess so, but to me all it seems is that they got connections to Ratio Free Asia. Which is a given considering they’re anticommunist.

I think you mean Radio Free Asia? Ratio Free Asia is the official title of Chen Weihua.

Of course, my apologies Juche Bot, I hope you subtweet Falun Gong to oblivion 🙏

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