@LemmyPistolero Expect a learning curve either way - Fedora isn’t the easiest distro out there - but you’ll likely find Fedora Workstation easier to use than Silverblue. Silverblue is experimental, and will make it impossible to follow some online guides, and possibly limit the software available to you.

@f00fc7c8 @LemmyPistolero workstation. It is full featured and easily added or subtracted to by a new user.


I’m quite sure you can


@LemmyPistolero MX Linux with Plasma desktop.

Fedora Workstation ❤

I like fedora workstation too. Gnome took some getting used to but it’s actually pretty productive once I got the hang of it

@giffybiss @matl I love gnome, but use kde. The reason is the gnome developers deciding to limit theming and their unwillingness to allow windows to remember their positions and sizes.

That is important to me and part of every OS, yet they think it shouldn’t be allowed. Makes no sense to me.

First time linux user ? Go with workstation then.

Daily driving Silverblue for more then a year and I love it !! But since you are a first time linux user you probably will want to follow online guides and the read only filesystem gets in the way (making you think that linux is trash).


Interesting question. I’ve used workststion for quite a while and it always worked. But now I’m thinking of testing silverblue and from what I read on fedora’s website it should not make any difference for the user.
The immutability only protects you from (accidently) messing in the depth of your system. Regular use is safe in both distros. Maybe you get fewer apps in flatpak than in rpm.
I was wondering wether there is a difference in ressource consumption (RAM, CPU).

Go for it! Can’t compare resource comparisons (as I did not do the test), but djware on youtube probably has them in f37silverblue video.

It takes some time getting use to the paradigm change, so dont give up automatically. The matrix channel is really nice for questions !

are appimages able to be installed on silverblue



Never used Silverblue, but it seems as you can just run AppImages without any problems. AppImages aren’t “installable” per se, as they kinda work like portable executables in Windows: you just download it from the Internet, make the file executable, and bam, you can run it from anywhere. There are, however, AppImage “installers” that put your AppImages on a dedicated folder and make an app shortcut for it in your desktop environment, such as https://github.com/TheAssassin/AppImageLauncher

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