I think you mean “owned”

“pwned” is the slang term

technology is not magic. technology is reproducible.

don’t read the comments btw. angloids seething

Biden admin inadvertently did a huge favor for China here. I fully expect that China will surpass the west in term of high tech within a decade, and US trying to restrict China’s high tech sector was the catalyst for China starting to get serious about ensuring a fully domestic supply chain.

China just show how powerless the west are.

You ban us from spacestation? We build our own one! You ban us from chips? We build our own one!

And in the end the west will lose more since they awaken the sleeping dragon that now competes with you now.

The US should ban China from immortality so China will develop it

The Alchemists have arrived

But at what cost?

US hegemony 🫢


Damn I read this as cracked down on after all the “crackdowns” last year lmfao

And of course all the comments are variations on:

  • “ackshually they don’t exist!!”

  • “they do exist, but they’re shit!!”

  • “they do exist, and they’re good, but they’re definitely stolen!!”

it’s so funny when libs hear news about China reaching some kind of tech milestone and their first thought is “well obviously China wouldn’t be able to develop that before the US, so naturally it was stolen”

Basically the imperialist version of the narcissist’s prayer

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