Hi y’all!

I appreciated the discussion on my earlier post about regularly reading and discussing less recommended books. I didn’t see a clear consensus on titles to read for this first session, so I’ll default to the one that started this topic for me.

The Inaugural Title:

Revolution in Revolution - Régis Debray

I’m reading the Grove press edition translated by Bobbye Ortiz. These seem to be some digital copies, but please share if you find a better one!



Dividing This Title:

This is a short work, so we’ll split it between two sessions:

  • 1/11 - Discussion 1 - Preface and Chapter 1 “To Free the Present from the Past”. pp 1-65 in my edition.

  • 1/18 - Discussion 2 - “The Principle Lesson for the Present”, “Some Consequences for the Future”, summary discussion on the whole book.

Some thoughts to think on while we read (please suggest some that you like as well!):

  • What is Debray saying and how is he saying it?
  • Is he persuasive?
  • What has he missed?
  • Is this work applicable outside of the conditions of Latin America in the '60s? What parts are universally applicable?
  • Is this really a “nonessential” or would it be good for any communist to read it?
  • Does this book have pizzazz? Is it cool? Would you take it to the barcade and have a pizza with it?

We’ll have an opportunity to suggest and vote on the next work in each session. I’m thinking the highest upvoted comment labeled “Submission Suggestion” will work.

As always, please let me know if you have any suggestions! Big thanks to @redtea@lemmygrad.ml for the nudge to do this book, and the question suggestions! :) I’m excited to read it!

Placer holder comment to get some traction before I read the first part,

Is there a way to easily access these threads during the week without having to scroll deep down?

non-diegetic screams

I’m planning on posting a new thread the day of, sorry if I didn’t make that clear! :)

No that makes more sense, lol, figuring you’d do something of the like

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