I would like

  • private who is
  • least amount of data given to provider
  • website builder is welcomed

As for a privacy-respecting website builder, you may consider b2evolution, although their themes could be better.

For your domain, you could go with https://njal.la/ They are the actual owner of the domain and grant you the rights on it. This means that the whois will be them not you. They will still help with legitimate legal inquiries obviously though.

Check their about and faq page, it’s interesting. Since they seem to do VPS, you could host the website there.

I don’t know how much info they require from you, however. I didn’t register there yet.

That sounds like it could be a recipe for disaster if they as the owner decide to fuck you over. The nice thing about actually owning the domains is that even if your registrar goes rogue you can still transfer it out (although it may be painful).

That is definitely true, it is risky and you have to trust your registrar. This has to be factored in when thinking of the threat model, or at least based on what are your goals and what the domain is for!

how does this compare to orange website?

It seems that orangewebsite proposes the classic “private whois” where they hide your basic info and insert an email address that redirect to you. Now it’s hard to know how easily they reveal the info to someone who calls or send a letter, but it seems hosters usually comply to anybody.

In njalla, your are not the owner, so there’s nothing to reveal. Again, if you do something like hosting child abuse videos, they will help the authorities in that case. I’d suggest checking FAQ of hosters to get a feel of what they actually do for privacy, not just reading the claims on main pages.

Side note; as far as I know for some TLD it is forbidden to hide the info, in which case you’re out of luck unless you’re not the owner of the domain


Self-hosted is the only way to go

What if you live in the United states plus how could one selfhost who is not tech savvy

start from the bottom and get tech savvy! nowhere to go but up. unless you need immediate results?


what about when it comes to DDOS attacks, I’d rather my home network not get congested


No one is going to spend the resources to DDOS you. Also those attacks are temporary, they are a plague when having a website unreachable means money loss. For instance anyone can DDOS my blog I wouldn’t care, even for a whole week (I have IP bans mechanism btw).

Also do you think your IP is secret right now? Do you run JavaScript? Does any device in your home run any JavaScript? Does anyone uses anything like discord, zoom, Skype, google hangout, jitsi?

I don’t mean the main concern of privacy is not relevant, just the DDOS specifically shouldn’t concern hosts unless they are making daily profit from their website traffic.

Banning IPS is not really going to help against ddos, you will still be flooded with incoming traffic

are you able to link me to video guides on how this can be done then securely

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