I use the old CLI version, the version that uses NetworkManager has never worked for me.

Ever since ive made the switch to Sway on my laptop i have been completely unable to get the thing working again. I havent tried in a couple of months, but it was a known issue then

Agreed. I had no success using ProtonVPN on Lunix Mint and customer support told me it’s not a supported OS, which contradicts their support page. Mainly due to this I switched to Ubuntu and again could not get the Linux app to work, but I managed to get it running with OpenVPN.

Aside from this, their services are fast and reliable and I have no issues on other operating systems.

agreed the ios app is the best just linux is terrible absolute crap


What part of the experience sucks? I think it’s great.

I agree, granted it took some getting used to, but it provides impressive speeds even while blocking security & privacy threats!

the app constantly says connection errors saying the network is blocking it but it isn’t


Sounds like this is an issue you might want to bring to Proton’s support team.

I’d bet its a kill switch issue, if not it could be related to an antivirus, proxy or firewall setting.

i’m running stock fedora workstation with no anti virus, proxy or firewall

I don’t use stock but I also use fedora, I had issues with the kill switch. There’s two different kill switch options, my setup works much better with the simpler of the two. Also, I want to say fedora comes with the firewall enabled, plays into it being well ranked from a privacy standpoint I believe

I have kill switch disabled that’s the thing

Do you use a DNS?

Cold Hotman

If the service sucks, why use it?

protonvpn gifted me it

Cold Hotman

Well that makes everything better.

it sure does :)

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