After almost five years, the Irish DPC decided on a noyb complaint and required Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp to stop using the personal data of users for advertisement in the EU.

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A purpose for data collection can’t become invalid, but a purpose does not absolve you from asking for consent. In theory, this means the majority of their users will simply not say “yes” and that then kills their business model.

I assume, they will try to make the non-consenting option paid, like many news webpages do it. My interpretation of the GDPR (specifically Article 7 Section 4) is that this isn’t legal either, but it hasn’t been challenged in court yet.

You might be thinking of “legitimate interests”. You can skip getting consent, if something represents a “legitimate interest” of yours. But yeah, that one is a hairy topic. Not even Meta tried to claim they expected their relentless data hoovering to fall under that, so far.

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