Lib channel that Hakim ripped into not so long ago, now they’re starting to doubt themselves, lol.

“Ok guys, so capitalism is obviously failing, so I’ve come up with this brand new, never before tried political ideology called National Socialism….”

please become socialist

please become socialist

Might be optimistic but can you imagine a channel that big becoming socialist? How good that would be for us?


well, second thought is also a big channel (1.5M subscribers with videos that gain at least 100K views!) that spewed liberal bs years ago; but it became socialist not so long ago.

this just goes to show you how important revolutionary optimism is.

This is true!

I mean every capitalist experiment is going to shit rn. UK which was so “stable” now has an economic crisis on its hands and switched leaders a bunch of times bc nobody wanted to handle the situation. Germany had an attempted coup, US had an attempted coup(among the many other problems plaguing these countries) Scandinavian nations that had bragged about their equality are becoming increasingly unequal in many ways. I could go on and on. Socialism’s problems are like 80-90% because of Sanctions and Embargoes that deprive them of what the rest of the capitalist world isolates them from.

Maybe I forgot but I don’t think I heard about an attempted coup in Germany, can you fill me in?

The putsch attempt - a failed storm on the German parliament on 29 August 2020 - was orchestrated by the Reichsbürger, a group of far-right conspirators who think the Federal Republic of Germany is a corporation established by the Allied Powers in 1945, and that the “real” Germany is still an empire with a monarch. Although they are a small group with no political representation or organisation, they have supporters inside the military so they are an actual danger.

In comparison to the Capitol insurrection on 6 January 2021, where there were about 120 000 Trumpists marching on Washington DC with over 10 000 of them storming the Capitol grounds, there were about 40 000 Reichsbürger, nationalists, and other right-extremists marching on Berlin and between 500 and 1000 of them breaking the first police barrier. However, the Reichstag is a smaller building than the US capitol because it only contains the lower house, and likely a smaller force would have been able to breach it.

Yes, and it’s socialism you freaking liberal dingus-

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